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Do you love Jesus and yet one day found yourself lost in the weeds of life wondering how far you have drifted, and wondering how in the world did that happen? Hmm ... how in the "world" did that happen ...

First ... there is hope ... one does not have to stay in the weeds.

If you are one who has experienced a time in the weeds, a season of walking in the world, but have been led out of the weeds what did God use to guide your path back to walking in the light? 

Share here ... be an encouragement to others.

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Lt, I’ve been there more times than I care to remember. I was born again as a teen ager, baptized in a creek, went to church about 2-3 times a week. Went in the service at 18, started drifting away, going to shows, which were forbidden by the church I attended, but my conscience finally gave way to “nothing wrong with what I’m doing” then I started going to dances, drinking a little with the boys, conscience seared a little more than before, crossing the Mexican border living like all the other boys. But when I got back home, things started to change, married a preachers daughter, made a vow that we would be going to church every week, well about 30 years later I finally got started again after a few business failures, devastated, started to run my pickup over a cliff, but I just couldn’t, told my wife we needed to get back in church where we belong, she agreed and said she had been thinking the same thing. So I told her about a little church I passed often with my work that had a sign in the front that said “God loves you” we went a couple of times off and on, and then I said we either need to get in or out, she said we had better get in, so we did and re-dedicate our lives to God there, and while I was sitting there, I heard the Spirit say in my spirit, “Joe it’s supper time, it’s time to come home”, so I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I wish that was the only time, but several times I’ve found myself in the WEEDS as you call them and wondered what happened, and I realize that unless we walk in the Spirit, give the Word first place, meditate in the Word, give no place to the devil, we will begin to start fulfilling the lust of the flesh again. Just starting to study, who we are in Christ, and who Christ is in us. When a person lives, or tries to live under the law, do this, do that to be righteous, there is no stability in our walk with Him, we give place to the devil, and he will take advantage of that opening, as I heard one preacher say, he will eat your lunch and pop the bag.


Sorry for the novel, I haven’t mastered the art of getting a point across with fewer words.  


Hey JB,

Those were words well spent! Been down the road twice in my life for different reasons, but same outcome. A child of God needs God and best of all God wants His children. 

I came to know God as a child and as a teen chose to live for me. This lasted about 15 years. A series of events led me to cry out to Him and He responded. I basically cried out to Him that I cannot live this life anymore without Him. I needed Him, please take control of my life ... He did not chastise me, read the riot act to me ... Holy Spirit came in and filled me. One could debate eternal security (and I don't want to) i just know I was saved young but floundered in self and failed in self. God has so much more for us when we will surrender ... Sanctification is a beautiful experience, but it is the true beginning of God living His life through us. This does not mean we will not have difficult days, or fall backwards, but it does mean by the power and presence of Holy Spirit we can and will overcome.

I think there is a perceived problem, real or false, perceived none the less.Most fear being judged for their drifting instead of  being received back with open arms and the love of a Father welcoming home his wayward son ... 

I look forward to hearing from others. 


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