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This world is not our home.

What does it mean to you to live with an eternal perspective?

How does it play out in our lives every day?

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Carla,                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The significance our 'eternal perspective' can never be over emphasized . I have seem several people who were  so afflicted by illness or injury that it breaks the heart. But these people were so of the most contented people I have ever met because they were , as one of them told me, "looking for a city". One with the most severe case of arthritis that I have ever seen all smiles and with tears of joy was describing how one day she would walk on  streets of gold. We were supposed to try to encourage her but , needless to say, she was the encourager.      Then I have known those who were healthy and energetic who were almost afraid to do anything for fear of what would happen. Their perspective was simply on the world they could see .      I have viewed the world from both ends of this spectrum of " eternal perspective", and our perspective literally makes all of the difference in the world.   I have experienced many health issues since returning to the mountains and am having a terrific , and nearly overwhelming, battle to keep my perspective where it needs to be, so I can very personally vouch for the importance of our perspective.       God bless you , my friend

Thank you Charles.  No one enjoys living in pain or discomfort, but all of us will live it, just as all of us will die.

Perspective really is important.  Eternal perspective is everything.  I think it's foundational to remaining joyful.  Happiness is fleeting and is based on our circumstances.   Joy comes from the Lord, it is found only in Him.

Romans 12:2 reminds us “Be not conformed to this world”.  When I hear this verse it makes me think of the obvious things, but now I also see it in regards to our attitudes towards suffering.

Be well my friend.  I always love your contributions here, you've been so faithful over the years, and always such a beautiful encourager..

Love In Christ, Carla

Charles Burwell, what a beautiful response and a perfect illustration!

Thanks Lexie;  I'll take a look. :-) 



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