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Does Jesus fascinate you?

HE is fascinating. 

Do His teachings leave you fascinated?  Do His actions leave you in Awe?

What fascinates you about Jesus?

How can our lives show our Awe and Fascination of HIM so that our lives will be witness to who HE is?

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One fascinating thing, for me, has been all the names and titles of Jesus.

Something I noticed in the church bulletin that I was given yesterday when visiting a local church was a section stating that one of the ways we honor Christ as the head of the Church is by teaching the divine plan for salvation. It said faith in Jesus as the Christ (God's anointed Prophet, Priest, and King) is part of the gospel.

I've looked up the names of Christ a few times. Here's one link:

Throughout scripture there is light on the person of Jesus Christ.

I am fascinated by His mercy , grace and forbearance without which I would not have made it , especially in 2015. It has been a rough year both  physically and mentally  , but his mercy, grace and forebearence have never failed or fallen in the least bit short of caring for a person(myself ,that is) who seems to grow more unworthy of all these thing with each passing day.   He alone is worthy.

I am fascinated by His goodness, love, mercy and forgiveness.  It's also fascinating to me how He works all things for our good and His glory---It's beyond comprehension. 

I am fascinated by his mercies and grace. Firstly, I have been so very "low" in my life and his mercy and grace led me out of the muck. Secondly, his love and gentleness as a Father loves a child is powerful to me. Thirdly, the wisdom he offers to us by his teachings and examples of the miracles he performs. Fourth, his promises are his word. He will not forsake us. Fifth, this "pilgrimage" or journey we as growing Christians are on is guided by him. Through scripture and our own daily struggles he continues to prove his great love for us. Sixth, By his love and incredible sacrifice on the cross I have left my heavy baggage at the foot of the cross. He embraces us and bids us to travel with him as he has defeated death. He fascinates me as a child of God and a soldier armed with his Gospel message. 

I'm filled with joy at very simple things I see as blessings and that fascinates me also. I truly enjoyed the time I spent thinking about these questions. Living for him continues to fascinate me and I'm grateful.

I am fascinated by His love .
Let us take an example; When we give a chocolate to a small child next day he will come to us to ask for another. His love is conditional. He love us when we give chocolate. But how much God love us. He treats everyone equally.He gives the same rain on the righteous and unrighteous. His love is not conditional.
I am fascinated by Him our Lord. How He loves us,that fascinates me. How He forgives us everytime we do something bad. How He died for us. These all fascinates me. I love God. And i am surely gonna make Him proud of me. Amen..

I'm also fascinated by answered prayer.  When I ask for clarity on something, or just to understand it better, it's always given in such a way that's gentle and gives me a choice to act on it or not.  It also comes to me in many different ways.  When God answers prayer, it's like He confirms that it's Him as it comes from many sources.  We're Guided by the Holy Spirit who woos, directs and consoles us.  I'm fascinated at how when I pray and dwell on Jesus, no matter how difficult or stressful the circumstance, I have peace. 

Seeing the emotional side of His humanity.  


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