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Once i have heard from one of my friend that too promising is a sin. Because when you promise a lot, sometimes you don't complete it. Is it so?

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Making a promise in itself is not sinful.  But, if a promise is made and not fulfilled, then it is sin.

Matthew 5:37 teaches us to 'let our yes be 'yes', and our no be 'no'.  If you make a promise, be sure to keep it.  Be thoughtful when you make a promise.   Make sure you have the power to keep it.

Blessings, Carla

Thank you Carla. You are so helpful and i hope that i could return you the same. I feel so good when someone clears my doubt and teaches me something good. God provided me 'you'and i am so thankful for that. Thank You my Lord. Amen..

Ananya, I appreciate you here, your love for the Lord and desire to honor Him is wonderful.  It's great to have you with us.

Blessings, Carla

I love You my Lord. Amen..
Deuteronomy 23:21 If you make a vow to the LORD your God, do not be slow to pay it, for the LORD your God will certainly demand it of you and you will be guilty of sin.
Deuteronomy 23:22 But if you refrain from making a vow, you will not be guilty.
Deuteronomy 23:23 Whatever your lips utter you must be sure to do, because you made your vow freely to the LORD your God with your own mouth.
Ecclesiastes 5:2 Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.
Ecclesiastes 5:4 When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow.
Ecclesiastes 5:5 It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it.
Ecclesiastes 5:6 Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, "My vow was a mistake." Why should God be angry at what you say and destroy the work of your hands?
Thank you Sir.


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