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I enjoy listening to bands such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Judas Priest.  They are secular bands although the drummer from Iron Maiden is a born again Christian.  My question is is it wrong for me to listen to these bands?  They sure make my drive to and from work more tolarable

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I might also add that I do read my bible almost daily, talk to God alot and go to church as well.
Hi John,
I too was a heavy metal listener years ago.
The problem is in the messages that they give off.
Although not all are satanic as some commentators attest, many have an anti scriptural, worldly theme through them.
Bands such as those that you have mentioned and the likes of Metalica etc plus many of the gangsta rappers and hiphop etc write on antisocial issues and teach rebellion.
You may enjoy the music but there is a definite subliminal message that must in some way get through to the listener.

If you enjoy the heavier music, there are thousands of heavier, Christian bands with a positive message that may be a good alternative as well as being uplifting to your spirit.
In His love
Thanks Rod. Of all the bands I listed my favorite is Iron Maiden and a lot of the topics they sing about are historical subjects. For example Aces High which is about the Battle of Britian, The Clansman which is about the Scots and their battle for freedom and New Frontier which is actually an anti cloning song. Just thought I would throw those out there

Ohhh man I saw Iron Maiden four times in concert. Motorhead the Ace of spades was jamming. Judas Priest - Breaking the Law and screaming for vengeance where among my faves.

This is what I can tell you about that. When I am abiding in Christ as I should I lose all desire for such music. Dio, AC/DC, Aerosmith, ect... but when I am not I find myself going back to it for a bit. Iron Maiden has great songs. Like Revelations, the Number of the beast and the Rhyme of the ancient mariner and many others. The flight of Icarus and Run to the hills where jamming, but again they don't do much for me when I am abiding in Christ as I should. I truly enjoy Christian Rock like Switchfoot.

I can still listen to Dokken and Scorpions but not Black Sabbath or Led Zeppeling and Doors man, because they bring back too many memories of my wild long hair days. I saw Metallica about four times as well and many of their songs are cool, but many others are not.

Now - I am not saying you cannot have a great relationship with God and listen to such music but the message in those songs at times is contrary to Christianity and we can give a bad testimony. I tell you what made me also stop listening to it. I would sometimes be jamming Danzig and be on my way to church and as soon as I got close to my church I would change it to Christian rock and the Spirit would convict me and tell me, so you care more about what people think than what I think? Man I would feel horrible.

One time the Lord asked me to get rid of all that music and I battle with his command cause I had spend so much money on my music collection, but one day He told me, son I am not playing with you get rid of it and I remember tossing it out of my car, being very frustrated. Then He told me, ok great, but next time could you wait to get to a trash can hahaahaha He told me don't be throwing stuff out your car as you are driving knuckle head ahahaha.

Anyways - I think some of it is acceptable and we know which one that is and some of it is not. AC/DC ‘s Angus Young is always coke up and man that dude looks posses for reals. I would suggest you get into Christian Rock. I had to get rid of my gangster rap too.


Does anybody know what the Word of God says about this question? Aren't the chosen suppose to flee from what appears evil? I didnt look up these bands but am assuming they must not be too christian since the question was asked. I know when I rebelled against God after backsliding I listened to Prodigy and bands like that. Before that I had looked up websites of bands my son listened to and all of them were clearly anti christ. This was a few years back and cant remember them but one site showed a monkey on a cross. All through it was mocking Jesus. I wish I could remember who they were. Anyway I also remember the local church had a website and the pastors sons had their favorite music on their list and this website who was anti Jesus was on top of his list. The one with this music list also taught the youth at church. People may find that cool but I found it odd. Judging maybe but even if I am .. what does the bible say about these things that appear evil? No pounding please I really want to know.
Janie check out this discussion in my Theology group.

"Secular" music and "Christian" music

You are absolutely correct sis. We should even refrain from the apperance of evil. So you are finally correct hahahaaha Just kidding - don't you come back and pounce me. You know I Luv you hahaha and i am just messing with you.

On the real though, you are right. :)

I see you already join the group so check it out sis. I think you might be refering to marilyn manson about the anti christ music. His music is pretty crazy. The guy has demons tattooed on his body.

thanks DV I checked it out thanks
Thank you for these scriptures Hannah they do help. No you didnt pound me but ususally if someone says they dont think someone should be doing something or seems to be saying it a big battle may start about judging and stuff like that. The pastors son I mentioned had asked on the site about thoughts on music. He asked me what I thought. I wasnt a christian at that time" but he asked me anyway and I told him that he couldnt shake hands with the devil and call it holy. I have to say that guy wasnt happy with me but as I told him he asked me. Him and I went round and round and round. He sent me to a link that said if you like this secular group then you will like this christian group. There was several on the list. He then asked me what I thought I told him that I couldnt tell the difference , Anyway that guy did some pouncing and as I said he was the youth pastor but he was very very protective of his taste in music. This is the pounding I had expected. If this happens i will just remove my post here then I will just lay it on DV.. he can take it :-). Thanks again Hanna I need to copy these scripture to learn for me.
hahaha girl leave me out of it. I get pound on from all sides. hehe Your suppose to help me.

....Nobody loves me, no body cares the troubles... ooooppppsss that is a secular song hahaha
What???? leave you out of it???? Boy, you have a post in your group. Ill get marie Lavoe after you...... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee another man done gone.


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