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Gabriel menchaca a friend of mine asked me this???

what are your guys' thoughts on these two "genres"?
what are some benefits and downfalls?

what defines "secular" or "worldly" music?
and why is listening to "secular/worldly" music wrong?

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Regardless of what I myself will write and what anybody else writes to defend or justify listening to secular music, I believe that those I mong us that have chosen to let go of secular music, i think have made the better choice. The more we do away with the world, the more Christ like we become.

Music for me has remained a challenge since i became a Christian. I love Christian music, even the one that has fluff in it, for i have learn to distinguish from worship music and (I forgot the right term for it) Christian music that is meant to talk about the joys and trial of our walk.

There is secular music that is just not right. When i got saved and spend hours in a daily basis in the word of God for years, i had no desire to listen to AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica or Cypress Hill or even music that was not evil or unhealthy in context. My mind was occupied with my Daddy's business and what once appealed to me, had lost its value. Music alters our attitude, whether someone wants to admitted or not. i remember getting ready to go do a hit or something evil and using music to get ready while driving there, with Metallica's Seek and Destroy or 2 Pac's Hit them up. I would immediately be ready for whatever. Music of course brings up MEMORIES and those memories are not always pleasant ones. So music alters our mood in a positive or negative way. No Christian can justify such music.

Having said the above, we are all individuals who should have such a personal relationship with the Lord that He guides us in issues that are grey and in which we can exercise our freedom in Christ, as long as we are not a stumbling stone to another in the faith or hurting our Christian testimony with the non-believers.

I still listen to secular music as i still watch secular movies, but i am extremely selective in what i allow in my mind. When i marry and want to get romantic I will use romantic music, that God's Spirit gives me the green light to hear. When the Spirit tells me not to listen to a particular song or artist, then i don't.

But not all of our family comes out of extreme live styles or abusive homes full of dysfunction, where a song can send them/us back to some crazy memories.

Christian music now these days is so diverse that there is no need for secular though some say - WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?
When I started serving God I still listened to secular music. For almost a year I continued listening to it even though I felt like God was telling me to let it go. One day I heard a sermon where the preacher told us that Satan uses our senses (our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch) to cause us to fall into sin. For example, some people react negatively to certain scents. Naturally we can't eliminate all things that will have a negative effect on us but we need to be aware of what our weaknesses are and guard that area. At that time I was having some problems (addictions of sorts) in my life that I couldn't seem to overcome. I decided that day to listen to God and stopped listening to secular music altogether. It wasn't easy but what I came to realize was that the music I was listening to was in a way programming my mind and putting a wedge between me and God.
This isn't to say that all secular music is bad and it didn't seem to be hurting my walk with God to start with. But as I listened to the music I became insensitive to the negative things that was being said and when I finally realized I was amazed at how much I had let in.
Amen sis.

Excellent Desy. You summarized what took me 7 paragraphs into two. haha
Thank you So much for taking the time to write such a beautiful response sister Veronica. We are in agreement.

Christian Music? Um" hahahaha Oh you gave me a Good laugh, thank you... oh Lord, i can totally relate sis.
Great message sis.

Love you in Christ!
I just wrote a lot of my thought here and the stupid computer froze up forever" . I will comment later on.. but thanks DV i had forgotten that I was brave enough to join one of your groups. But here I am... I didnt read any of this though. Im not sure I have checked this group out but I will now. Thanks.
Oh I did before the computer froze read what you and Veronica wrote. I agee and wanted to add my thoughts.
How long has your computer been frozen hahahahah

I am still waiting! :) LOL
My story begins when i was 13 and heard "Tears of a Clown". I was hooked ! Since that time music has amplified my mood , no matter what it was. By the time i was 16, my love for music had grown. I was going to church and listening to Deep Purple, Aerosmith , Rush , Boston , Blue Oyster Cult among others.About the time i was 17, i had dropped out of church because i felt i didn't fit in.Music was always my escape. I spent a lot of time in my room listening to sex,drugs 'n' Rock & Roll. My lifestyle reflected the music i listened to.

After many years of "rebellion", nothing seemed enough.I grew tired of music(probably because the old formula of sex,drugs,rock&roll did not "do it for me" anymore). Again after a lot of time i became convinced there must be something more or better. I pulled out some of my old music again but this time i selected more positive music. That is hard to do with secular music, and i began to discover that it wasn't enough. I had begun to read the Bible and then out of the blue a christian music station started in my town. I LOVED IT ! ! ! !

I was introduced to rock music that spoke to my heart just like "tears of a clown" did so many years ago. I have listened to CHRISTIAN ROCK , HEAVY METAL,JAZZ(that one was a surprise foe me!),BLUES,RAP/HIP HOP,PRAISE,WORSHIP. Christian music is simply the best music out there right now.

I still struggle putting away ALL of my secular music! I can't tell you it is right to listen to secular music . I still listen to RUSH,and RAINBOW from time to time, but 95% is Christian.

I hope to grow in my faith and i know God will guide me . Like the Harmony song says,"I see the dark futility of the flesh"
Dude - my story totally.

I still jam Rush or Roger Waters amuse to death as well. But i quickly get tire of it and revert back to Christian.

I feel you bro. Thanks for sharing!
Great subject, one that could be discussed and debated at great lengths. For me I grew up in the time that the music is now classified as classic rock. And as far as worldly music goes, I like it the best. The reasons for that is that the beat of the music reaches deep inside and pumps me up. And that can be a problem. "I'll explain.
When I was a kid, I heard all of the Chritian leaders warning us that there were demonic forces behind the "Rock and Roll" scene. There were rumors that if you played the records backward that you could hear the devil talking. But just like the majority of kids back then, I laughed it off, thinking that the old folks were just over the hill and had forgotten what it was like to feel alive.
Then when I was a little older, I listened to a tape that was recorded at a youth camp I believe. The speaker was a Christian then, but had not always been so. He talked about his work in the music industry. It was his job to promote all of the big group, scheduling concerts and such. He went on to say that satan was involved in that industry more than one might think or realize. First there was the drugs. He had a very expensice cocaine habbit. There were many other ways the devil was involved. Not only at the "Party level" with drugs, drinking and sex, but at the top, corporate level.
I have read in other books that state that many albums are blessed by a satanic priest.
The man went on to tell that at a point he had to re-evalute his life. He realized that he would not live very long if continued with the life style that he was living. About this time he met a man that started witnessing to him. Over a lengthy time, he was finally convinced that God was his only answer and became a Christian.
Now you might think that would be the end of the story. But he went on to say that things got very bad. So bad in fact that his own brother, who was also in the industry put a bounty out on him. He went on to explain that there was a lot of witch-craft in his family and the industry and his family was more devoted to that than loving their own family members. Even his mother wanted him dead.
This is a true story. ANd I believe that it tells us just how determined that the devil is. And I believe that we need to be very careful when it comes to the music that we listen to. In a book called "Seductions Exposed." the author tells us that most of the Rock and roll songs have a beat to them that is the same that are used in Africa when they worship something other than God. He goes on to say that we have a protective hedge that is around us. We have the protective hedge because of God. But sometimes we let our gaurd down and satan finds a crack in the hedge. The crack is from worldly things that we are not willing to give up. ANd if we willing hang on to these things, the author says that it gives satan legal right to enter and attack
It is my opinion that the smartest thing to do is to not take chances. He goes on to say that it is best to remove it all not only from your house, but your life as well. But that is something that each person needs to decide for themselves I guess,
Awesome inpute Rodney.

Lord bless you beloved.

Music and movies are and have been Satan's play ground, we all know this. i mean, is not like they hide it. Now this days they are extremely bold.
I will give you some examples later.
most woldly music is backmastered the lyrics are back to front it is very suddelly hidden the music is of the Devil it mocks God and all that He stands for, besides christian music this is based on the word of God!! and is up lifting. and speaks of His creation and Life.


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