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Three "magical" words impulsively came out of the mouth of a stunned man when he saw a woman screaming in pain behind the wheel of a burning car off a highway in Texas past midnight on Thursday last week. The three words were: "In Jesus' name."

Those words saved the 22-year-old woman, named Mishelle, from a fiery death in what people now regard as nothing short of a miracle.

The man, a North Carolina resident named Scot Love, said he was visiting San Antonio, Texas to manage a fireworks stand in time for the New Year's Eve celebration when he heard noises not far from where he stood, CBN News reported.

"I hear that all too familiar sound of like a pop, crash and a vehicle getting crunched," Love said.

He then saw a car on fire off Highway 281, and he instinctively rushed to rescue people who could be trapped inside

Mischelle screamed, "You can't leave me! I'm burning! I'm burning!"

Love felt he had to do something quick without endangering his own life. As his mind was racing on what action to take, three words came out of his mouth.

"I didn't think about it—I said, 'In Jesus' name' and I said it a second time. I said, 'In Jesus' name' and the moment I said it a second time she said, 'My legs are free!'"

He then reached in and I grabbed the woman under the arms "and she came out like butter."

Love said he has already spoken to the grateful father of the girl who assured him that she is expected to recover from the accident.

He is back in North Carolina but said he plans to meet the woman's family next time he visits San Antonio to sell fireworks for the Fourth of July celebration.

This reminded me of the following song:

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Name above all names.

Great song thanks for sharing

You're quite welcome brother

Thank you, Tammy. When we use the name of Jesus Christ things are supposed to happen. It's not the person's ability, it's the name being used.

I have used Jesus Christ's name when I need extra strength. I pushed a car stuck in the mud with one hand. I thanked God for the strength of 10 men and pushed. It was like slicing soft butter. It's not that I'm anybody special. I asked in Jesus Christ's name. He's special.

My discipleship book has a most amazing translation of John 15:7...If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.

"I command you to ask at once for yourselves whatever you desire and it's yours."

They way I'm seeing this is we are commanded to use His name when asking for what we want. How do you see this verse?



I always pray in His Name expecting. I also pray for His will because I may not be praying in His perfect will. But regardless, it's always in Jesus' Name.

I always adore your 2 cents Eric

This article encourages me to trust in the name of Jesus. All that much more.
Thanks Sister



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