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I was wondering if someone is addicted to something how would you stop that addiction. Any one can answer.

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You have to want to quit bad enough

Hi Matyas

I agree with Tammy, you really have to want to stop. You have to hate it as much as God hates it and see it for the bondage it is. If you haven’t already done so, from your heart, make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, this is a crucial starting point.

Believe in Him, believe in His Word. Jesus came to set us free from our bondages, heal all those oppressed of the devil, as well as to destroy his works. Begin to find out who you are in Christ, the authority and power we have in Him over the enemy, and, therefore, over all addictions. There's nothing that compares in this world.

It’s not an easy journey, but in the name of Jesus, it can be done. At His name, every knee must bow. His name is greater than every other name - addictions all have names. Believe this, stand upon His Word every day, every hour, every second.

Please download Curry Blake’s New Man, begin to listen every day


Hello Matyas. I'm in agreement with Tammy and David on this one. The person who is addicted has to want to stop. Just like the person who desires a personal relationship with Jesus has to want to have that relationship with Jesus.  If you are a new believer in what God the Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit want for you then your journey will take you to his word found in the Bible. We believe here that the Bible is God's inerrant word for us. A close personal, loving relationship takes time and understanding. God has plenty for us. It is us who lack patience.

God's word will help you find the answers you are looking for. The truth is many of us have addictions and once you have them only God can help you stay on the right path through loving him and obeying him. Yup, that's right obeying him. Our world does not like that word "obey". But, it is essential in a strong faith filled walk with God.  Here is a good reference place for you.

Please know that as an addict, I understand you. Whether the addiction is porn, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, or whatever you feel you can't live without. When we use an addiction to fill the hole in us God meant for his Love to fill we will fall.

He will help us get up. He will use other people to help us. But, remember only God has the correct answer for you. He loves us that much.


Thanks journey man that is a good answer for my question

I'm happy to help. Please enjoy your time here as you journey with Jesus.

Thanks for the reply your answers are encouraging. GOD bless you all.

As has been already stated one must want to stop, for if they still love the addiction and desire it more than the desire to stop they will not stop. Our Lord will help those who have come to the end of self. He will also use others to walk with one thru the journey from darkness to light, and for most it is a journey, but it is a journey that can be won.

Lord Bless,


I believe that many people are addicted to something Matyas, whether it be food, drinking, drugs, even....exercise, shopping, gambling, well anything.  Addiction is something we obsess about, it's something people get into the "habit" of using.  Gee, it could even be social networking, phones, music, absolutely anything.  

So how do we stop the addiction.....prayer, the Bible, and Faith.   We get on our knees and stay there until we are convinced that the precious LORD and SAVIOR has removed these or this addiction from us.  The sad thing is, many of us view addictions as addictions to drugs or alcohol only, we don't respond well to addictions of other forms.  

My belief about an addiction is anything that takes hold of your life above anything else.  Any one of us can claim we don't have one, but unfortunately many of us do.  My mom, for instance, she at one time had an addiction to prescription drugs because they were "prescribed" by a doctor, but she was over medicated.  It was a horrid time for my family.  Now she is clean and loving life.  

It's not treatments or classes.....maybe they might help for a while, but they don't have a lasting effect.  It's not until you rely totally on your LORD and SAVIOR and yeild to Him that you will reap the rewards of being free.  Follow Him, Trust Him, Lean on Him, Yeild to Him, and AGAIN follow Him and His Commands.   So much to take our attention from our Faith in our Father that it's absurd.  

Deuteronomy 28:13

The best way to handle addiction is to follow the commands of the LORD and follow Him.  And prayer, pray, pray, pray, make God your Him only.  Love Him with all your might, all your strength, all your heart.  Glorify Him, Praise Him, and give Him Gloryl

I am addicted to Love and you can't stop that addiction. .... Can you?
The most important thing for you to know is that if you love God more than your addiction, no evil can stop you from going far away from this addiction. And moreover God is behind you to support you in this. If you have the desire to stop your addiction to something that God doesn't want us to be, God will always help you in this. God knows everything. So believe in yourself and mostly in God. Love God more than anything and you will be succeeded. Blessings.. Amen.. Love You God..


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