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Greetings all,

My schedule is finally leveling out.

Any interest in restarting the HOAs here on AAG?

(Thursday night at 9 PM EST is going to be the best for me.)

Lord Bless,


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YEA!!!!!!!!!  Yes

Computer down at present time, but will try when I get it back.
I may not participate but would watch the recordings.
Is that a study?

It is an online gathering similar to a Skype meeting, but with more options including recording the session which is then available on Youtube. We have done studies in the past and at times it has been a Q&A session. We attempt to limit the gatherings to 1 hour.

You can checkout some of the past sessions at this link:

HOA Group

Please feel free to inquire if you have further questions.

Depending on the response we will shoot for 9/17 at 9 PM. More info to come.

Lord Bless,


I would like to join in. Is there room?  :-)


The sites been needing a little pick-me-up. Can't wait.


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