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Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I'm writing this to let you all know that it is time for me to move on from AAG.  I've been a member here since November 2007.  I've served as a chat room moderator, website moderator and an administrator for the last few years. 


It is with some sadness and also great excitement that I now inform you of my leave as the Lord is moving me into new territories. 

I'll be here until the end of today.

I'm sure I will still 'see' many of you on facebook.  Lord Bless.


Love in Christ, Carla

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Hi Cat,


I did leave a few months ago, but now I have returned... Thanks for the friend request.  It's good to reconnect with you.  Blessings, Carla

Welcome back :)

Thanks Feets...  :-)

Welcome back dear friend :-)

Thank you LT.  I'm so blessed to have this community.  and so happy to be back.

Hallelujah Carla,


Sorry, I didn't recognize you earlier. But I did recognize that this site hasn't been the same these last several months without you.

Great to see you back!  Amen.

Let the God times roll...............


Grace and Peace.

Thanks Richard...  There was a definite 'hole' missing.. I couldn't stand to be away. :-)

Thanks Gregory..  Each member of the body of Christ plays an important part... I'm so thankful to be one of the parts.... even if it's just a baby toe, :-)


It's good to be back...




































Women - can't make up their mind hahaha hahaha and they change it more times than... hahaha


Just kidding you all - I don't want to say I knew you would miss us too much to bear, but... hehe

Hey bro... how did I know you'd be the one to give me a hard time... :-)


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