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Are there any eschatological views that one should leave a ministry over?

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Hey Shelly,

When it comes to the study of the end times, as long as it doesn't change the message of the gospel, of the Grace of God or who Jesus and what He came to do for us, I believe we should 'agree to disagree' when it comes to such things.  

There are certain doctrines (Major doctrines) which we will not budge on.. such as:

The Trinity

Jesus is 100% man and 100% God

The Second Coming.. The truth that Jesus is coming in body to rule and reign over the earth

Salvation is by Grace thru faith in Christ alone.

The Scriptures are inerrant and instructive for Christians

I believe eschatology is a secondary (minor) doctrine.  I have been studying it for many years.  

The book of Revelation basically puts the OT prophecies in sequential order for us.  This makes a fascinating study.

There are many different views on the rapture.  People constantly mix up verses for the rapture and the second coming taking them out of context etc..., which leads to much confusion, but I don't think they are worth leaving ministry over.

Blessings, Carla

Hey Carla,

Thank you for responding. I agree with you about the Major doctrines. 

The reason for my question I have never heard of this particular viewpoint on eschatology.

Have you heard of the "full-preterist" eschatological doctrine?

If so, I would love to hear your thoughts about it?

Blessings to you as well,



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