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Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them.

Psalm 111:2

How do you see the great works of the Lord in your last 12 months of life on earth?

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Hi HandMaiden,

What a beautiful verse.

I used to be better at keeping a journal.... your question is a good one and convicts me to begin journaling again so that I can look back at specific times of answered prayer.

Without going into specifics, God's peace in the midst of stressful times is a Great Work of HIS which I am so grateful for.

It's not something that we can muster up on our own because it doesn't make sense that we would have peace in circumstances that are anything but peaceful.

Thanks for posting this.. and welcome to AAG.

Blessings, Carla

I know this is suppose to be more about praising Him & thanking Him but my past 1 1/2 years have really been quite trying for me, my husband & children. We were dropped into the the black hole of the abyss & was ill prepared for the coming storm. My husband's job had taken us from NC (My home state) to Texas & then to California. Tim traveled all the time so we were trying to cut some of that out by moving to the places he was traveling to. The plan worked when we got to California. He no longer traveled though his drive to work was 2 - 2 1/2 hours & the same coming home. So, he was still traveling but I got to see him at nights & his kids did as well. Oh the mess we can make of our lives chasing the mighty dollar & depending on those jobs to see you through. You're no longer leaning on the Lord to meet your needs but the work place & things of the world made by man. You still want to believe inside your faith hasn't waned but knowing all the time it's totally disappeared. It's shows through your speech, your actions & everything you do. Saying we were dropped in this bottomless pit says nothing in comparison to what I did to the Lord. We dropped Him, stomped on Him & pretty much spit in His face. I know you're waiting for the good part - that's coming. So, we're in California & this stable job of 18 years where he was the Vice President of IT lays him off. They've brought us to 'HELL' & dumped us. If you've ever been to California, you would know what I'm talking about. He worked 3 more months which was 6 more checks. Then, he received a severance package. Usually the company paid for everything - flying us out to wherever, driving our cars out in a covered hauler, they'd come in & pack for me & I didn't have to get out of my chair & then they would unpack us & put the furniture together. Not to mention that they would pay the first 6 months of our rent or lease & give us a few thousand for misc. That wasn't happening this go around. We weren't staying around CA for the state to bleed us dry and he was finding a job so we were off - NC or Bust! I was moving from a 6,000 sq foot home w/swimming pool & tennis court that would make Billy King smile to a 2,000 sq foot home. I had to sell 2/3 of all of my belongings so they would fit in this home. So, we had to hire a moving company to deliver our furniture across the country which was $23,000. We paid 18 months rent ahead of time on a house we found on the internet to make sure we had a place to stay. That was another good couple of thousand. We also had to drive back to NC, not fly - which I actually enjoyed cruising in my car for 6 days. When we got here, he didn't get a job right away so, we had to sell my car that was paid for. It wasn't just any car. It was a 2014 Premiere Edition #63 of 550 Corvette Stingray convertible. 

The positives of all of this: I am now back on the path in my Spiritual life though I'm traveling at a different pace & see things from a different vantage point since I left my town of 10,000. I came back home where my family, lifetime friends & home church are. Tho I left a castle, I was wanting to downsize & the house we're in is soooo me. It was built in 1920 & flipped. I love Vintage so it all meshed. He got a job with Bank of America. The pay is nowhere close to what he once made but the cost of living in NC compared to California is nothing. It's been a hugely painful lesson & many emotions have flooded over all of us but through it all, He gets the glory. He knows what He's doing even though we can see past the corner. He never left me though I turned my back completely on Him. Each day is another day closer to Him & I pray I never walk the dark path again. So, yes, His works are great & overwhelming beyond measure. 

Tammy you are a very open and honest child of God! What a story! A genuine story of The Redeemed of The Lord! We are all so faulty but our stories about Him are so powerful! Glad you have found a more desired destination in your walk with the Savior. His love & faithfulness never ends. Blessings Tammy

p.s Have you ever noticed Psalm 107 ? Sometimes when I read it it makes me laugh out loud but sometimes it makes me cry.

I'll go read it right now. Thank you.

I hear a whole lot of thanking and praising in your post.  Amen.  God is good.

Journaling is a gift to self that’s for sure! So glad King David and many others were greatly inspired to do it so we can be greatly encouraged to believe ‘without seeing’ so to speak only to be greatly blessed. He said He would come to us and He IS faithful isn’t He.
Going back into our journals is so powerful. When I was young my mom and I would often drive by homes our loved ones used to live in and share memories about the family members. We were not Christians then but I so learned the value of shared memories and how they connect our hearts to each other. One day you and I will meet in person in heaven or The New Jerusalem and that’s exactly what we will do them too.
He over flow our Cup with many blessings that we can praise Him for!

Absolutely!  What a time that will be.  Amen!

A new friend and sister in Christ suggested I check this discussion out to encourage. Here's a link to what I was struggling and going through for 3 months. I posted January 4th. My testimony of God's saving, healing and miracle hand on me, during this recent trial, before January was over.

January 4th, 2020

"I'm currently struggling with unforgiveness. I know without a doubt that forgiving frees me. Forgiving them allows God to start working on my behalf. He said vengeance is His. Sometimes I would say it, I forgive him but then bitter memory will come to me and I would be angered all over again.

I'm back to my fasting lifestyle. But more than ever. I have a new hunger for the Lord. I am so determined to know His will for my life. I'm back to the beginning of when I first said yes, the lonely walk when diligently seeking the Lord. 

Sometimes I wake up and don't know who I am. Yes, I also lost my identity in Christ. 

So I'm not only dealing with unforgiveness and anger but to restore my identity, my power, my authority, my confidence, and my self-esteem. 

I was broken before the Lord, the sadness was released. I have since been led to a book on Totally Forgiving yourself which has been a tremendous blessing. And I try to apply it to my life.  Sermons at my church, testimonies from young ladies at my church who've been through a similar trial, being ministered to. It's like God is planting all these tools in my way to help me. He sees what I'm struggling with and I asked him to search my heart and see that I want to be free from it all. He's a faithful God and He is not a man that He should Lie. 

I KNOW this process is taking me to my next. My next season I can't walk into it with unforgiveness and rage.

What I KNOW overcomes what I FEEL.  What I know is imprinted in my spirit. What my eyes can't see, I still believe."

TODAY 2/28/2019

I am happy and blessed to report that God came in like a storm and COMPLETELY RESTORED ME before January was over!

I was led to a book on Forgiving and it blessed me before I even bought it. I was able to ACCEPT God's forgiveness, Forgive the person AND pray for them. It was NOT easy!! But God dealt with me. He told me if I don't let go He cannot do His duty as my  Father. Not through a word, He spoke to my heart during prayer. I even reached out to speak to the person who hurt me to find out why. My prayer for them is for the spirit of truth to fall on them, their salvation and to turn back to God. 

It happened in my car, I got tired of feeling empty and lost.  I was desperate to get back all that was stolen. Continuing to FAST and PRAY for my own restoration while still walking in forgiveness and love.

In my car, I got real with God. I said this is how I'm feeling, this is what I know, help what I feel line up with what I know. I can't even tell you date and time- I just woke up one day and all that was gone! I had a different pep in my step. That day I said God I'm going to work for you, you show me who needs you today. Lo and behold my coworker whom I've worked with for months was going through confidence issues due to a past similar to mine. I was able to speak life into her, but it wasn't me. If I told you what I said I'd be lying, she along with another young lady pulled up a chair and ate every word. She rededicated her life and is learning who she is in Christ. 

One early morning, the Holy Spirit woke me up to pray. And God showed me who I am in Him. He showed me who He'd called me to be. So tangible I stretched my hand out as if I can touch and feel it. 

My business is about to launch this March. I started with just the name and the logo when the trial had just started back in Mid November. I didn't know if I was kidding myself just wanting to distract myself from all that was going on. But I sought GOD first and said Your will be done. 

 I am all about doing HIS WILL in all that I do. My speech has changed, my desires have changed, as I asked God to let my desires line up with His desires, so I know I'm walking in His will. 


I believe it was January 11th I woke up 100% restored! 

When we get desperate for change and desperate for this God, He is MIGHTY TO SAVE!! I cannot describe to you all the level of peace I have. I thought I had peace before, however, this is something new and beyond description.

Your obedience, submission and surrender is beautiful.  I believe it will be forever imprinted on your heart and in your spirit.  This is what true beauty looks like.  

Much Love sweet sister In Christ.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 


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