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What is the best gift for christmas? Just want to know. Love You God. Amen..

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I'm sure you're going to get answers such as salvation, peace, love, kindness, humility so I'm going to ask if you mean something material-wise & who would it be for?

Yes something material wise and to my best buddy.

The best gift is always to give something of yourself..  Your time, yourself, or even just inviting people you know are alone this season into your life, home.

I'd even go so far to say, that living generously at Christmas (and all year round) ... can heal loneliness, and plays a large part in lifting depression.


Thank you so much carla. You kind of give me the best reply and best advice. Thank you very much. I would try my best to give those things. Love You God. Amen.. Blessings for you and your family Carla.

Thank you Ananya.  Blessings to you and your family also.


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