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I mean why are they so weired? drinking their own urine and enjoying the taste of cock roaches what makes people like this?

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It would be impossible to speak to the exact cause behind the behavior you mention regarding each individual. There are some general things we can assume as a whole.


1) Man in his unregenerated state is fallen and wicked, prone to evil.

2) Behind the practice, the origin of the prcatice, we would find demonic influence.

3) Some are probably demonically possessed while others need not be to behave this way since fallen man is already wicked at the core.

4) Some people are so blinded and in need of acceptance that they will do strange things to fit in some where, because some where is better than no where.


If you are involved in this I urge you to run from this and run to Christ.


Praying for you.


Evil or not, it's just down right gross. Where did you find this person? 

Hi Tammy, God bless you!

You can't figure people with odd behavior or practices are possessed.  I like LT's answer. If I'm not sure, what is going on, I ask God. I say something like...God, what's going on here?



The eating of inappropriate objects and material is known as "pica."

But of course that doesn't rule out demon infestation.

This is going back a ways, but I remember this kid I went to school with ate notebook paper. Have you ever heard of this?  There's worse things a person could eat.

Looking back on it, it was neither demon infestation, disorder or disease. I think  he didn't have a lot and that he was just hungry. Nowadays, he would pull out a bag of popcorn and throw it in a microwave.



Geophagy is the practice of eating earthy substances (as clay) that in humans is performed especially to augment a scanty or mineral-deficient diet or as part of a cultural tradition.

Do you play Scrabble? These are great Scrabble words. My best word so far is helloing. 158 points in that particular game. I only play against the computer. 

It's sad to think of little children in famine stricken countries filling their empty bellies with dirt. I have to try really hard to get those images out of mind.

some ate coal, methinks in relation to urine there is properties in it that one would drink if had no water and insects full of proteen, so it seems like the needs of the body in relation to doing this.. demons involvement not so sure depends on reason for what one is doingl   recall Word saying judge not what a man eats or drinks/

It just dawned on me that you are talking about the TV show aren't you? I must have been ready for bed when I read it. There is only 2 ways to go - For God or Against God. I think some of those addictions are harmless other then they allow it to rule certain aspects of their lives instead of allowing the Lord to control it. On the flip side, they may not be Christians so they don't try to allow the Lord to control it. I couldn't watch but a few shows though because it was just disgusting & that's coming from a woman who loves gorry horror movies. 

Yes i was talking about the tv show this is the episode

I think illnesses do have a spiritual element to them but it is by no means the only element. Some need treatment, psychiatric help
We give satan way too much credit. The result of dysfunction can manifests in many different ways. But God heals and restores. It's up to the individual to make that choice.

After doing a little research about this I have found that it has a medical name which is Urophagia, It is as the individual who was narrating the video states an ancient practice. I found an article on it which part of it states: "Drinking urine for rejuvenation, Shivambu, has been described in scared [sacred] Hindu texts that are over 5000 years old and is still practiced today." Here is the link to the full article.

It is found in the American Urological Association's Journal. 

With that being said, I personally believe there is a possibility of possession however, as I stated this is a personal opinion. It could also be a culturally social practice in certain parts of the world. I have read of one, where it considered an honor for the males in this specific culture to urinate on someone they deem as an individual worthy. 

As far as the person in the person in the video, I believe she is not saved and is a person who believes in ancient practices for healing. Sadly, this is becoming a normal practice for individuals who are not saved to look for alternative ways to deal with health and personal issues. 

The one thing I believe more than anything, all individuals who practice such things are in need of a personal relationship with Jesus. 


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