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Have you ever been called ignorant because you believe in the Word of God & walk by faith? Are Christians really the ignorant ones? Many unbelievers feel that Christians are just stupid because they walk by something they cannot see. When they claim to have seen Him, they say How? What did He look like? Many say Jesus never even existed & there are only like 4 or 5 other written accounts of His existence apart from the Word that He did.

At times, it can become frustrating if you get caught up in the tangled web of arguments & debates. They want evidence that you truly can't provide. If you give evidence from scientists, they argue that those scientists are Christians so that's what they're suppose to say. If the facts aren't based on an unbelieving scientist, they are false claims. 

I actually find many Christians to be the most intelligent people around. Those who truly want to grow in Him & get a deeper understanding of Who they serve go above & beyond the norm to discover new truths about Him & why they believe what they believe. They research the Word, the History of the Word, the Greek & Hebrew meanings of words used, along with many other things. They cross-reference the Word against itself to make sure it never contradicts itself & especially that it doesn't contradict what they believe. Many Christians also want to know that what they are being led to believe is full truths so they study it for themselves as the Bereans. Sure, there are many, too many actually, that walk around in the cloud of preaching & teaching of 'The man', trusting him because he seems to know his stuff & never make sure he's legit. Those who really want to know Who they serve dig however.

Have you seen the same in your life? Do unbelievers or atheists consider you to be ignorant walking around in a fog? Trusting in something you can't see? Believing in a book written by mere men? Trusting in a person that has never existed? Stating that the Word has been added to or things taken away by a church that considers itself to be supreme & the mother of all? Are atheists a little quick on the draw with personal insults? Why do you think they even care that we believe in something that they don't believe exists? I have heard that it's because we shove that belief down their throats. Really? Do we? I think that's so far from our present generation of Christians. You use to see pastors on the street corners. That's gone. You use to get knocks on the door being invited to a church - no more. You use to see people pass out tracts at the local store. That too is gone. So when does those beliefs get shoved down their throats or is that just their lame excuse to get angry at us?

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Have you ever been called ignorant because you believe in the Word of God & walk by faith?

Yes.  It used to hurt me, it doesn't anymore.  What else do we expect a non-believer to think?

Why do we expect a non-believer to understand?  Their spirit is dead.  It goes hand in hand with expecting an atheist or agnostic to live by God's ways.  Why are we surprised and when they live like the world?

There's more than enough evidence for the existence of Jesus.  Our job is to tell people about Him, and live like we believe it. 

I used to get upset about people's unbelief, but God reminded me of my own journey and my own unbelief.  I was someone who wasn't interested at one point in time.  Over 10years ago I called myself an atheist.

Don't give up on them.... as discouraging as it can be, we don't know what will bring them to repentance so that they see their need for Him.  We don't know what will make them see God's love for them....and His grace and mercy.

If someone's not interested, dust off your feet and pray for God to show you someone who is interested.  He's always working.  We can't force anyone to believe, even God doesn't do that--  He could, but that's not love, that's control.  Free choice baby....  They get to choose.

Blessings, Carla

So true. I no longer get upset either. I'm too old for all that. Ain't nobody got time for 'dat. I use to get frustrated when an unbeliever wouldn't take what I said as gospel. I use to not understand why they didn't understand. I would wonder why something so clear could be so foggy to them. I was raised in a Christian home so it has always been part of my life so it's easier for me to see it I suppose. Not saying I've always lived like it but just saying that it has always been Truth to me. I never seen it as being someone's fantasy that they've concocted in their heads just to give them hope. I always felt it was true. I just chose to not live that Truth for a good while.

I grew up in a generation that took the Bible as truth. Not many kids or families didn't go to church or at least where I lived. We just accepted it as fact. As I've grown older & moved around the states, things definitely changed. We moved to Texas. I was thinking I was going to a  place that was a lot like home because they are down-home folks, gun-toting, truck driving conservative people. However, I moved to Austin. Austin definitely doesn't hold conservative values. It's a very eclectic area of Texas filled with artists. I may have met 3 true Texans my whole time of being there. Then, we moved to California. I know you don't know a lot about the states but Cali is the worse of them all. You wouldn't be surprised to go to San Francisco & see people eating at an outside cafe naked or a naked dude skateboarding. The Gay Pride parade is in San Fran. The demographics here are so Sodom & Gomorrah that it gets a bit scary. If Abraham stood in the gap for Cali, the outcome would be close to the one of those 2 cities. Muslim mosques are everywhere. One of them was firebombed that is just maybe 5 minutes down the road of my house. We have a huge amount of human-trafficking & 3 men were arrested in this town of Tracy just the other month. 

OK. Blabber much? I've just went on & on about nothing. 

Oh yeah. Also been told I'm weak and rely too much on the Bible, or I'm too dependent on the Bible. I quote too many Bible verses. "If I've got to lean on something, then let it be the everlasting arms." That's what I said. I don't know, that's what came to mind, and I just spouted it into the air. Maybe she needed to hear it.??? I never heard another word. Am I too dependent or weak? Is it ignorant to go to the Bible for your source of knowledge and strength?

God's love,


I did ask one of them this: If I'm wrong, what have I lost? I've became more kind, more generous, more loving, more humble among other things. Then I said, But, what if I'm right?

Good questions or answers.  :-)   I'll remember how you responded. These things come up. People don't worry too much about hurting our feelings, but I would like to give an answer that would get his/her attention that isn't hurtful. I had thought if someone says...You are always speaking the Word of God, or the Word of God is your crutch (I thought that was a hurtful thing to say to me.) you could say...Why thank you, I couldn't tell if you had noticed the Bible is important to me. You could start a conversation like...You don't believe in the Bible? Why not? You have to know your Bible and be prepared to respond if you ask that question. Sometimes objections are good because we can get past the insults which truthfully are what's ignorant. A person may have not heard enough to believe. He or she may have had a bad experience and may need God's love and wisdom.

God's love,


You are so right. We need to know our stuff. 1 Peter 3:15 says but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed.

That's one thing with Jehovah's Witnesses. They spend so much time studying. So when approached by them you definitely need to know what you believe & why you believe it. If more Christians would study the Word as much as JW's did, imagine the impact we could have on the world or just even in our own personal lives. 

That's a great way to look at it Gloria.  Because they really are missing out. 

Amen Gloria


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