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My mother who has served the Lord for most of her life, is suffering from this evil disease, and it is is taking its toll on the family.

How on earth do you think God in heaven can condone this evil when He is a God of love?

My mom....who has taught us from the very time we got our wisdom that we MUST serve this God, has changed into something/someone that we dont know.............I sense demonic forces manifesting when we reprimand her, she makes aniimal sounds when she gets angry it is so scary and disturbing, since this woman of God was the most gentlest, humble. loving person I knew. Now she is just a person whom I beg will be with God when she leaves us. She taught us so much values can God allow her to be afflicted with such a horrible disease...............How can we win souls of unbelievers when they see what believers look like. Please dont get me wrong...I will serve my Master Jesus Christ always, just like Mom taught me, but I need some answers.....the family is traumatised , we have no idea how to handle this situation

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Just saw your post.
Do you have an update on your mom?

She said on August 1 that her mother passed on June 1.

I'm sorry, I missed that notice.
It will take time to heal.
We need to lift her up in our prayers....

My friend I have one question. If you like can I ask?


Awesome Chip!  Amen.


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