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I ran across an article online that kinda took me aback. The title was "I am sick of being silenced" The article is about women who have had abortions. Unlike most of those we read though, this one tells of how glad they were they had taken this step & how they were tired of hiding from it. I'm not pasting the full article but will share some of the stories. This is just a sign of where we're headed today. 

One lady said she was 19 & her birth control didn't work. She said she knew she never wanted kids & finally was allowed to have her tubes tied (Thank God). She goes onto say: 

I didn't feel any regret at all about having an abortion. If anything, I was grateful and relieved that there was a safe medical option. I get angry when I hear people say things like, "They could have the kid and give it up for adoption." It seems to dismiss the women like myself who, even as a kid, knew they don't ever want to even go through being pregnant. But I don't say anything because it feels like you're supposed to regret it, even if it was the best choice, so people can at least say, "Well, at least she's sorry." I'm not sorry at all. Anonymous

Another one said she had one at 34 & it was a tough decision because she wanted to be a mother but had not had any kids yet. She was in an abusive relationship of 2 months & still part-time lawyer. She says:

I thank the universe that I live in a state where all that was required was a phone call and one appointment and a very long day at a very crowded clinic. There were protesters at the clinic that day, they were not loud but they did make me feel a bit scared. She said she's not a murderer & hates when others say that because she did it out of love in her heart with no malice. She loved herself, her then boyfriend & did it out of that love as well as love for her family who would have been burdened with the responsibility at that time. 

I'm posting the link below if you want to read it. I'm not saying these women need to beat themselves up but to say they have no regrets & are glad they did it? Those statements just bewilder me. We all have regrets whether in Christ or not & we learn from those. I just wanted to share the article.

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I can't wrap my head or heart around it.  It's just not something I understand.  Even before I became a Christian... I don't understand it.

I don't believe them when they say they are happy about it.  I only see that there would be shame, guilt and regret attached to it.

As Christians this is where we come in...if they've already gone thru it.  If they haven't gone thru it, then we could do our best to offer love and support, not judgement.   Help them to see there are other options.  Teach them about choices and accountability....our society is lacking in accountability.

If they've gone thru with it but admit and show remorse, point them to Jesus.  Tell them about His Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace and Love.  If they don't admit their sin, there's not really much you can say to them.  God will deal with them.  They're  accountable whether they admit it or not. 

God's forgiveness is GREATER than their sin, just as it is greater than our sin.

I'm the same. I can't even imagine not feeling some sort of regret or remorse. Blows me out of the water how this generation operates in our day & time.


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