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Why are we worshipping celebrities and not those dying for their faith.

I am particularly saddened by yet another post about another celebrity who has given their life over to addiction & Satan.  Why aren't we saddened when Christians worldwide are being slaughtered for their faith in Jesus?   Are we that dumbed down?  What has the t.v. done to us...??  People are killing themselves daily & because it's a celebrity who does it, seems to bring sadness over the whole nation...???  I'm horrified & agonize every single day over the loss of life of our brothers and sisters in Christ who truly slay the devil with their courage and fortitude.

Those who truly live for the Lord, who stand and will not be moved, those who don't play with the world.  Those are the people who make vibrant steps even to death and give me courage, edification, and boldness, while the Holy Spirit supplies all the strength.  

We are so far from faith, I feel, in these last days, mixing Jesus with psychology, new age, and ecumenical faith....I highly expect that Jesus Word will ring true in the last day, "Will I find faith on the earth?"  It's definately clear that is a question that will have a reckoning.

Do I hate those who commit suicide, no, I'm so very sorry for them, they have no hope, no courage, no strength, and no overcoming.  They are lost.  I get very I don't know if it's nervous or uncomfortable when someone states that the person is a believer?  A believer in what?  Who?  Because they grew up one time in a church, mentioned Jesus in a statement?  I don't know, kind of and how we live it is absolutely a testifying response.  I don't believe in a life that kills itself living for Jesus or filled with the Holy Spirit.  According to Jesus it's just not going to happen.  We OVERCOME!

Let us fix our hope upon Jesus.  

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