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I've seen the backs of men many times

As they turn away from me

But I've yet to see Jesus' back

For His face is all I ever see


What has man done for me?

Jesus has done a thousand times more

When man closes a window

He never fails to open a door


Man puts his hand out as if he's going to help

But what he's reaching for isn't you

It's how much attention he'll receive

And how much he'll benefit from it, too


Jesus gives freely, only smiling “Your welcome.”

Never for the spotlight does He yearn

Instead of wanting material things

All He asks for is your love in return


What has man done for me

Compared to what Jesus is going to do?

In one hand my cup runneth over

In the other the joys are few


Man would never sacrifice

What our Lord did on the cross

If he could feel just a tenth of that love

Perhaps man's life wouldn't be in such chaos

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Comment by a servant (Chris) on November 3, 2011 at 6:34pm


True Words inspired by Our Father, through The Spirit.  Thank you for being such an instrument of His Love and Wisdom.  It is clear you have traveled, the road of Righteousness.  I have enjoyed what you have shared and look forward to more.

In His Glorious Love


Comment by marty mccrorey on November 3, 2011 at 3:06pm
thanks! God bless you!!

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