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Unwanted Company

Many years ago some relatives showed up at my dad's house and asked if they could stay there just until they got a place of their own, maybe a week or two. Dad, who had a very big heart, had no objections. Soon a week turned into a month and by the time they finally moved dad was very glad to see them go.

Unwanted company can create stress and a lot of it. Many people assume once they become a Christian their troubles are over…


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Using Our JPS

Not long ago, I read a Ziggy comic. Ziggy, the perennial underdog, standing by his mailbox, says, “Just my luck. The GPS I ordered got lost in the mail!”

Many of us rely on a GPS in our car to get where we're going. It tells us where to turn and what streets we should take. After following its guidance, we should arrive at our destination.…


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Building a Bridge

Some of the most beautiful architectural designs in the world are bridges. Traveling over one, a person can take in breathtaking sights they would otherwise miss. The United States has its share of bridges with over 600,000. Unfortunately 1 in 4 of those is in need of repair. In Warsaw, MO where I used to live, there is a bridge known as the “Swinging Bridge”. It is a suspension bridge, built in 1928. Closed to traffic in 1979, it now is used only by pedestrians.…


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Drawing near to God in 2013

My wife and I live in a three bedroom home and often we find ourselves at opposite ends of it. If one of us tries to talk to the other it’s very hard to understand what we’re saying. We can hear each other, but cannot understand what is being said. (Of course she says I suffer from that sometimes when we’re in the same room, but that’s another story).

There are times when we’re so far from God, the same thing occurs. We talk to God, telling Him what we want of Him, but if we’re not…


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Angles With Us

I don’t believe I have shared this before. We were recently watching a sermon by David Jeremiah. It was about how important angels were concerning our Savior’s birth and throughout His life. At the end to the sermon pastor Jeremiah asked if angels were with us today. The answer is of course they are but only some people have seen them. This made me think about events that happened nine years ago. On May 4th, 2003, I was blessed to see an angel.

A tornado had ravaged…


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The Wisdom of Christmas

The Wisdom of Christmas

Taken from a sermon by the late pastor Adrian Rogers

The bible calls the wise men that that sought the Christ child magi. Magi means wisdom. They knew to follow the star to Bethlehem. Some astronomers try to explain the star that guided them as some sort of super nova. But supernovas do not move. The star went ahead of them to guide them. The star was the Glory of the Lord. In Luke chapter 2, verse 9 we read that the Glory of the Lord shone round…


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An Exuse for...Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think about a comment that I have heard many times. "Thanksgiving is just an excuse to eat until your stomach aches." Unfortunately for some, this is all to true. Also, there are football games being played on Thanksgiving, annoying  family members coming to visit that you only see once or twice a year, and catching up with them can be time consuming. And, of course, there are the "black Friday" sales that so…


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Evil for Good, Good for Evil

I try to keep from editorializing in my blog as much as I can. I enjoy writing about God's Word and lessons we as Christians can learn from it. But last week I was very disheartened by a company that, up until now, had taken a bold, Christian stance on the subject of traditional marriage. Then last week they decided to remain silent on the issue and, as a statement from…


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Make Haste!!

In one of my favorite Andy Griffith Show episodes, a visiting pastor tells the congregation to “Slow down. What's your hurry?” The citizens of Mayberry tried so hard to slow down, they wore themselves out.

We should slow down from time to time and take in all of God's beauty and…


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Are you washed in the Blood, or do you wash your hands?

In the Gospel of Matthew, in the twenty-seventh chapter, Jesus is before Pilate, the Roman governor. Having been accused of crimes such as blasphemy, the Sanhedrin brought Him to Pilate hoping he would find Jesus guilty and sentence Him to death. But Pilate, after questioning Jesus, found no guilt in Him. But after the elders insisted that he sentence Jesus to be crucified. So, Pilate, bowing to pressure, handed Jesus over to be crucified and washed his hands,…


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The Modern Dark Ages

The time of the tenth and eleventh century is typically referred to in history as the “dark ages”. The Roman Empire had collapsed and without a central power, lawlessness reigned. Barbarians invaded countries in Europe unchecked and the Feudal system of government came into being. Evil seemed to follow people everywhere.…


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An Unconditional Surrender

I've always loved reading, watching documentaries, and listening to lectures about the American Civil War. It is a black mark on our history, yet also an example of true faith.

President Abraham Lincoln held fast to his Christian faith that our country would not be divided in half. In March of 1864, he…


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Spring Cleaning...God's Way

Well it's that time of year again. The time that many husbands dread. Time for Spring cleaning. Wives, their voices dripping with honey, implore us to help move the couch, the love seat, and to dust an upper shelf that's out of their reach. (I explain to my wife that we have a step ladder in the laundry room. Her response? “I have one dear. You.” Being tall isn't all it's cracked up to be at times.) We shouldn't forget that, as Christians, we are not above God doing some housework in us.…


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Faith, Not Logic

Recently, while in a hospital lobby, I watched as a maintenance employee went about his work. He had his ipod playing and was using a type of ladder that I had seen on infomercials. He folded it several ways and then when he had folded it so it was twenty feet high, he climbed to the top of it and straddled the top, not thinking twice about whether it would hold him or not. He exercised great faith in that ladder. It seems logical that the ladder will support him…


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A God Shaped Hole

Valentine's day is upon us. Everywhere you go you see in stores heart-shaped balloons and decorations hanging from the ceiling. Boxes of candy shaped like hearts are on the shelves and valentine cards dominate the greeting card racks.

Looking at all the things shaped like hearts, I'm reminded of our own hearts. Our hearts guide us in many ways though life, sometimes down right paths, sometimes down wrong paths. Many of us think more with our hearts than with our brains.

When I…


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Don't be a Geep!

Imagine a green, lush pasture. In the pasture are many sheep and the loving Shepherd standing close by ready to lead and protect them. The sheep are very content.

Now imagine another pasture. This one's not as lush as the other. Lots of rocks in the ground and just patchy grass here and there. This pasture has lots of goats in it. And the keeper of the goats isn't paying much attention to them. Yet they follow him, listening to his lies about greener pastures and being led in one…


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Lauren Scruggs

i don't know if anyone has seen this on yahoo news or not, but a 23 year old model, lauren scruggs, walked into a moving plane propeller in plano, tx this past saturday. by the Grace of God she is slowly recovering. her left hand was severed and she has injuries to her eye, shoulder, as well as a skull fracture. her family was on "good morning america" and said it was because of God's miracle that she is alive and they asked everyone to remember her in their prayers. i'm saying one for her…


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An Unwanted Gift

I think it's happened to all of us at one time or another. A Christmas gift we have been given has to be exchanged. Maybe it's the wrong size, color, or maybe we already have one just like it, received from the year before. Another reason some exchange a gift is because it didn't come from one of the more “upscale” stores. Even though the gift is given with love, we want one more suited to our needs and off we go to exchange it. We stand in very long lines to return it and get something we…


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Blessed Am I

Blessed am I You call me Your own

Blessed am I to me, Your Light was shown

Worthy, no I'm not

But grateful Your Blood has bought

my soul

So blessed am I 

So blessed am I


Blessed am I that when I fall

Your loving Voice gently calls

“Do not be afraid for I am here.”

“You're never far from Me, don't fear.”

So blessed am I

So blessed am I


Blessed am I that for me

You hung…


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Jesus hung on the cross

His shoulders weighted with my sins

God had to turn away

No longer able to look at him


"My God, why have you…


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