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Walking Back In Times Today If I May In Fun

Memories. Loved them ( Year 1945 and well into the 50’s and more)

Now this is bringing back times. In a bottle. For me. I can remember my brother’s old T. Ford car. He was much older then I.
He would crank it up in the front to get it started. Then it would huff and puff. Snort and spit with some smoke. Something like an old lawn- mower that has hardly no gas. Then I would hear him say above his breath. Come on Betsy. Seems everyone’s cars had that name. Good old Betsy. I still use the term. Just like chesterfield. My Grandkids laugh. I reply back. Okay Sofa.

We had cold winters like we are having around the world today. Only our snow. Was almost up to our rooftops. I know it was up to the window ledge. Our house was a two story. Yet us kids would bundle up with scarf’s over our face. Big boots two sizes too big or two small and mitts Grandma made or Auntie Lill. I mean we always had one Auntie who we so loved. You know the one who spoils you with sweets. Buys you those hand fluffy mufflers I think I am wrong in its name. I see it with my hands in it. Imagining. So if anyone can correct me on it. Please do. You stick your hands in. Toasty warm. On Special showy days with the hat with the drawstring under the neck. With the wooden stopper. Ouch ! Once in awhile. Mom would pinch my neck in it.

Sorry. Back to my story. Memories get me wandering.

I stayed playing with friends outside winter months. Saturday. Till it grew almost dark. Not like kids today. They get cold and they come in ten minutes. I am cold.

I remember the yummy candy. Black babies and black balls, jelly drops. For a penny. We would get a wee bag and the store keeper would put them in. If he was a nice guy. He would let you picked them out of a glass jar. Then the jawbreaker gum. What a wad when you started chewing. Do you remember that? Our cheeks looked like chipmunks. Storing food for winter. My Mom would always say. Watch your teeth. Just as bad as hearing. Wait till your Father gets home. You would say. Ya, ya Mom. I know.

I remember my first walking doll. She was bigger then I. I loved my first Barbara Scott Doll with skates. My first doll that would wear diapers. Then you have a bottle with it. I would fill that wee bottle up. Just to see it wet. Then after. Mom, can you put some juice in it. Of course you know who drank it. You guessed it. So there went the doll.

First black and white T.V. Two kids on the block had them first. My friend had the biggest house so about twelve of us kids. Hung out there. Watching Howdy Doody and Clare bell the clown. What a hoot! Then later. Superman.
The parents were like the Brady Bunch. The more kids the merrier. We stayed till six. It was dark but in those days. We walked home alone. Did not have to worry. Like to-day. Then other kids going the same direction grouped to-gether.

Our first telephone was special. I loved the pear shape of the handle receiver hanging on the long cord. Black. You also had a party line. This older lady. She would yak and yak we knew what she baked to gossiping about neighbors. When we would pick it up for our turn to talk. She would be rude. Yell. You finished yet. My phone line too.

My first leather shoes. I was a teen. Saddle shoes. Black and white similar to like a cow pattern. Me with the biggest feet and daddy long legs. The awkward kid. With this skirt short and flowing. With a poodle dog pattern on it. A couple of rhinestones. Cool, fake but aye Cool. I had a tie scarf around my neck. Running home to watch American Bandstand. Four o’clock sharp. To Bee Bop Music. To slow music Bobby Rydal. Then I danced around with the broomstick. I loved the stroll with Turn Me Lose throb Fabian. From one end of the room to the other. Pretending. People on other side and then I strolled down holding something. A pillow as my partner. Good old days.

It is so cool to step back in memories and let others share . See you down at the slop shop we would yell. The greasy Spoon joint with the juke box and box of French fries if going out and bottled coke or orange crush. If you’re staying in. A plate with your French fries. Maybe you call it chips. Lots of ketchup, vinegar and salt. Yummy.
Good old days. The boys hanging out sitting with you. Mom and didn’t know about. Yet it was having friends. To have this for a day. How about it. Didn’t you love those black leather jackets the guys wore and the sideburns like Elvis? "Thank You Very Much". Slicked back hair. Smooch, smooch. Heart throbber.

Now I have traded Elvis for my Lord. Forever. he is my bright morning star and my Father who loves me in return.

I am sure the Lord. Has no disapproval while Ione walks down memory lane. With a clean mind.
Laughter is a good .
P.S; I was looking ina group for humour. So I could not see anything. So I posted here.

God Bless!

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