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For 2009 I want to go on and put the pass behind. All the hurts and the disappointments. I want to walk on with joy unspeakable JOY

I want to give gifts of joy without ribbons .

Joy from my heart. How will I do it.

Being there for someone. How can I do it. Join a site God would direct you to. Then there is meeting someone. God has given you . God will direct you if you have not found. Pray.

Joys reach out such as: Display Christ in your walk and your talk. Be there for them. Take them a book to read, make them a card, buy a card. Sign it with love or thinking of you. Invest time in others. Ask God to give you the time.

Neighbor who is lonely. Take some cookies and stay for a bit.
Praise someone. Share with someone your thoughts, be a listener, show concerns, SMILE remember it will make someone who is sad feel better. When you show them your kind smile.
Some people are too sick or tired to smile. Give them one of yours.

Live each day as if it is your last. Dont wait till it draws near.
Dont put if on your vocabulary but I can do all things through CHRIST JESUS

The important thing for I as a Christian is stirring up possitve talk , uplifting talk, praying for each other, having peace and joy from the holy spirit.

How will this happen. It only will come when I am obedient to him. Realizing who I am in Christ Jesus.

God speaks enough of the milk and honey in the word. Let us go onto better things. To grow into the likeness of him.

Joy in your heart and peace. When we were baptized. We went down with him to rose up in likeness of him.

The old man has to go and the sweet rose of Sharron is to abide in us. He said. You can do great things.

Joy cures people. Both in us and who gives it.

A thankful heart i s a happy heart
Joy is where true love lives. The new person in Christ Jesus

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