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Luke Chapter 1:13-17 & 65- 80  & John 1: 6-8  & Mark 1: 1- 10

Please read the above Scriptures for our meditation


Let us consider John the Baptist’s call and preparation to herald the first coming of the Son of God.           He declared Jesus to be the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world.

John the Baptist was a man sent from God, a prophet, a voice crying in the wilderness: Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.

He was aware of his call & he separated himself unto this call of God.

His food was different, his dress was different.

He fasted & prayed & waited on God for all details of his call & his work

and where and when he should start.

This was the testimony of people of John the Baptist and they said,

“John did no miracles: but all things that John spake of this Man were true.

And many believed on Him there.”  John 10: 41- 42


When he did begin, all the people came to him to listen and to obey the message from God.  The message was so powerful and convicting, they did not consider his strange dress or his rough appearance, they knew (convicted) he was a man of God by his boldness  He was not from their circle but his message though new, yet simple and straight forward and gave them no options but to obey God.


Since John, many more were chosen and commissioned by God – not in the same manner but with a definite work to be done in God’s plan and purposes for years.

All believers are commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ, Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned…..Mark 16: 15- 18


Now the world is coming to a very important event in history and  again needs men and women empowered by the real Holy Ghost to boldly cry out the message that JESUS CHRIST, THE BRIDEGROOM  IS SOON TO COME TO CATCH AWAY HIS BRIDE!

We are called to be witnesses and “end time messengers” who are to herald the Second Advent of the Son of God. By our declaration we are to get people ready for His soon coming

Are we engaged in our ministry of reconciling men and women to God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every way possible before it is too late?


Listen carefully, you must be serious with God and prepare yourself before Him.

John prepared himself by waiting upon God and getting his instructions from Him.

He separated himself for this purpose and was not conformed to the manner of the

world around him.

Separate yourself from the world & crucify the flesh daily.

Get alone with God each day, study His Word to be approved of God, wait on Him and

the Holy Ghost will direct you and enlighten you. Your quiet time is most important and He will meet with you with what He wants you to do.   Be full of the Holy Ghost.

Make your calling and election sure. Have definite convictions and follow them.

Fast on a regular basis and pray earnestly and fervently for God’s will to be done in your

life and through you

What is the testimony of people who know you?  Will they believe on the Son of God

because you share the Gospel of truth with them?

You are God’s chosen vessel so get ready to be a part of God’s move and

not be on the side lines watching God accomplish His purposes without you.


Some of you felt the call of God but now its not real any more.

Some sort the Lord earnestly at various times in your life but now you are not in earnest.

Have you lost your first love and walking afar off?

Some prayed for a job and then allowed the job to become a stumbling block instead of a blessing.

When we need a partner in life we pray and then we allow the partner to become an obstacle instead of being a blessing.

Some pray for children and then we allow the children to be an excuse and we become slack in our walk and our service to the Lord.





This is not the time to be slack or make excuses.

The time is short, and if you need to repent, do it now and be in earnest and find time to seek the Lord and do His will.  

Believer, if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit yet, then ask the Lord for this gift for you need power to be a witness for Him!          

You need the Holy Ghost to demonstrate the defeat of the devil and the victory of Calvary.


If you are not yet come into the Kingdom of God, repent, believe and be baptized in water.  Come out of darkness and follow Jesus Christ your Saviour and Lord!

Margaret Wright

Views: 1958


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