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I've been broken and bitter more times than I can count! Today I praise God for everything that I've gone through! Today I see myself as being 'raised to praise Him'! At one point I questioned the Lord... "Father, You said that You wouldn't put no more on me than I could bear. Do You know this is still me"? Obviously He knew, 'cause Praise the Lord, I'm still here! He knew that He would be able to bring me through yet again! I had given up long before and resigned myself to living and dying in a miserable state. I literally stopped trying to find peace, happiness or even comfort in any form. I just waited to die. It was in this state of mind when I found more time to sing, more time to pray and more time to praise. Just as in times past - I disturbed satan with this behavior and he started flinging more dirt at me. Ah, but this time a light came on and I could see that he would only raise up when I praised God... I shocked him, because this time I didn't sit down in depression. This time I sang louder and I prayed longer and I praised the Lord and called on Jesus at the top of my voice! Me and my grandbaby would just walk around the house singing 'Halleluia, Halleluia! Thank you Jesus'! Satan got madder and madder; threw a bucket of dirt at me. I got even madder and stood up to him and told him that I didn't care what he did to me! I told him that Jesus was the Great I AM and that I would praise Him forever! Do you know that a calmness came into my life like never before..... God began revealing things to me and I began to see that He had been there all the time. I've come to understand that the things, rapes, robbery, illnesses, depression and all of the mistreatment hadn't happened TO me, but FOR HIM! He had chosen me to birth a testimony! My Lord chose to use me. I feel so blessed. No longer am I the injured bird. All of the pain, frustration, anger and tears was worth it, because it is all to the glory of God! He knew that He could hold me and now I know that satan can't touch me unless my Lord says so! Whenever I think satan or his evil doers are approaching; I go on a stomping spree... I DENOUNCE THEE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

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Comment by Gilbert Dusenge on June 5, 2009 at 12:42am
Thanks so much and God bless you!!!!!
Comment by Jeanette B on January 30, 2009 at 5:26am
Thanks for sharing!! That is so good to hear!!

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