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Prepare to Stand ready His Children!~

Blessings My Family of Gods Chosen ones!~ I will Pray For Enlightenment, Wisdom, & Discernment for each of Us,
In These Times of Trials we are currently going through: That the Heavenly Father who Loves Us with an Unfathomable LOve; Never Seen or experienced in this World before, Can and Will deliver us all from the Evil Snares that encamp around us; Waiting in Hiding, and Lurking to Trip us into submission,

I know the devil feeds off of our fears, and strikes hardest through these same fears, and weaknesses.

BUT; We Simply Must gather All Our Strength and put on Gods Armour, to defeat these principalities;
We must stand back to back in these times, because we are being tested, and cast into the Fire by the Blacksmith, the Master craftsman, the Creator Himself; to polish and shine as Silver, as a two edged sword is when weilded, to cut down the adversary in midflight.

We must put aside all things that Hinder us, be it our own Dreams, Desires, Want to's, Needs, Whatever, We must not give into the worlds views/and ways, Ideals. We Must keep Vigilent, in Our Faith never waivering, or let into our passions, desires, Whatever the case may be;... We must be, and Have to be Ready @ a moments notice, For the Bridegroom comes at a time when we knowest Not!
Now is the time we are to die to Self, and Take Up Our Crosses, for there is not much time left,

{So Dear Brothers, work hard to prove that You really are among those God has Called and Chosen, and then You will Never Stumble or Fall away. And God will open Wide the gates of Heaven for You to enter into the Eternal Kingdom of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.}
- 1 Peter 2:10-11

We Must, simply Must Be Ready; when The Father comes, Trim Your Wicks, and Fill Your Lamps with Oil, for he is almost here...

Do You want More, and more of Gods Kindness, and Peace?
Then get to know him Better, and He will give to You, through His great power, Everything you need for living a Truly good life: He even shares His own Glory, and His own Goodness with us through His Gifts, his Graces, and His Mercies.

But for us to obtain these gifts, we must have more than just faith; but we must also work Hard to be good, and even that is not even good enough. Because we must come to the better realization of His instruction through His word, and Discovering what He The Father wants us to do in our lives; for His will and Glory.

Then we must, Must put aside "All" of Our own Selfish Desires, so that we may become more Godly in everything we do, and become more patient, and Yes I said Patient in all things!, and We must gladly let the Father have His way, His will, His purpose in Our lives So that we may come to full Fruition, to Blossom into the plans He has for Us, in His vision to be Truly be realized in the Fathers grand design, and Only then Will His will, His Divine Influence be acclaimed.
In HIs Shadow,
In HIs Light and Love

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