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Boys Night Out! (Miracle, Vision)

The Lord saved Jims life 6 times that I know of; that the Holy Spirit has laid upon my heart and shoulders; in strong feelings of doom; and heavy weight placed upon my shoulders. It was agreed that Jim was to go w/a co-worker of his, to shoot pool after work;(K.Whittington; from my high school.) Jim worked till 12:30 pm; and I worked @ the Respite center
10:30pm till 6:30 am. After about 2 hrs of working the 2 workers w/me decided we should take a break, I wasnt hungry or tired; and sat on the sofa in front of the TV starting to watch the news; soon after my eyelids felt heavy even though I wasn't tired @ all, so I told myself i would just close them for a minute to rest them. Suddenly I saw my car flash for a moment and thought of Jim; I shook my head, and said to myself; thats impossible, I have the car, and turned to make sure it was parked in front of the opened curtains in front of our center. I turned back around; and saw a vision as though watching TV in real living color. I saw a large sized car like a cadillac; dark green or blue; It was pitch dark outside; but I saw 4-5 people shapes through the cars back windsheild, and knew that Jim was in the car. Still shaking my head in disbelief; I saw the car driving on a side road that I knew well in Lafayette on the southside of town,next to the old woolco/walmart store @ the time. driving faster and faster, and it started fishtailing in the road, and then I suddenly felt a very heavy weight on my chest as if the car/or something went down into something; but still felt it speeding faster, and still not quite understanding what it meant; still going faster; when all of a sudden I saw this huge explosion of a bright yellowish color; and then nothing,only darkness...

I jumped up and told Anita a worker @ the table what I saw and she looked pretty scared; this vision only lasted
what seemed only a few minutes,
1 1/2 - 3 mins. I looked @ the clock; It was 12:26pm, just before Jim got off work; I called; but he had left already.
I was distraught, and then I heard a silent /but Firm clear voice in my head say: "If you Love This man; Pray for him". I heard this same voice 3- maybe 4 times tell me these words again; because I kept denying them. I rationalized; there was no one else to call. (We didnt have cellphones in those days. early [1980's]) His mother was out on a date, and his brother worked dispatch that night at Acad. Ambulance; if anything, surely he would call me if something happened. So I prayed so hard for 1 1/2 hrs. till I was all prayed out, and could no longer find any words left in me to pray; and then, I felt like a heavy weight lifted from my shouders, and felt a peace & lightness, and calm; I thanked God, and for His will to be done; and believed that Jim was home, safe. We didnt have a phone; I had the only car, so I had to wait to get home to find out. As I drove home and looked toward the Trailor down the lane; I knew he was home/ safe. and I thanked God. I waited till he woke up 3 hrs later, and asked him if anything happened last night; and he said yes; so I asked him let me tell him first so it would be a confirmation of Gods mercy; and a testimony of what happened

After telling Jim what i saw in the vision; he said that everything I had told him is exactly as it happened. From the road, the car fishtailing/swerving, and going down into a cement culvert speeding straight towards it; and that they would have surely died. Jim said he still doesnt know how that car got out of that deep culvert/ditch and back onto the road again; it was a miracle. He believed in God; but swore me to silence for fear people would think less of me/crazy.
( I really believe Jim had a pride issue at stake more than anything.) (And He also said the guy who was driving the car was fried out on Acid.)

This really happened. I hope it may encourage all who see this; and to those who scoff, who dont really Know, or believe in Gods Divine intervention; all I can say is: You really dont know Him at all.

I Believe!!!

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Comment by Deborah Sue Schenfeld on November 6, 2008 at 8:40pm
I believe! When my husband was a young man, (before we met) he was speeding down an alley. A huge truck backed out of a garage, completely blocking the alley, there was no where to go! He cried, "Jesus!" & closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was on the other side of the truck! How?!! Only God knows!
Comment by Kim Dupee on November 6, 2008 at 7:58pm
wow that is an amazing story
Comment by Leonard T on November 6, 2008 at 7:30pm
Thanks for sharing. God has His ways of reaching out to us.

Lord Bless,

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