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July 10, 2013

Dear Prayer Warriors, 

There is a call going around the nation that we are at peril of attacks from the enemies forces within the nations borders through July 11th.  We are on high alert from above that we may change the course of events before they unfold. Hear what the word has to say and what has been prophesied  plus the path to overcoming the enemies plans.   As a nation and a people we are seeing some of the greatest outpourings of the century through small groups such as our prayer teams and  as we face some of the greatest challenges in history. 

The United States has multiple enemies within our borders.  As we seek our LORD HE is telling Intercessors and Prophets that we must pray and seek HIS face as never before. We are entering a time when the nations celebrates that which made in great, the men and women who have laid down their lives to make us free.  Unfortunately we have an enemy that desires that we enter into bondage through fear, oppression and isolation by means of terrorism. 

Tonight I have several guest speakers who will express that which father has told them about our efforts in repentance and what is at hand if we do not continue.  Trumpets are being sounded both of triumph and warning. One incident of major attack has been diverted.  Our efforts on the National Day of Repentance  helped change the course of our nation.  We cannot stop now!!! 

Nationally we are facing an onslaught of the enemy that has not been seen in the nation before this time and season.  We are listing the categories of national sin along with the corresponding scriptures to overcome the enemy. 

Join us tonight as we press in to seek Fathers face.  We are planning a major prayer focus for tonight to pray down demonic attacks planned against the US.

Join us if you can and hear, Intercessors John Rockwell, Montie Olsen, David Pembleton, Aric Leavitte, myself and many others as we press in for the souls of our nation. 




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