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I just thought I'd share with you some wonderful news.  It might seem small and trivial to others but for those of you who have a relationship with God, you will see it is no small thing.  Some of you may know my beautiful husband, Gordon, is in a nursing home with end-stage Alzheimer's and cannot talk, and cannot walk (albeit without a handling belt and a nurse either side); if he tries to walk, his legs - which are like sticks - turn to jelly and he has suffered many falls.  He is now bedridden due to sores, from sitting.  Although he can't talk, Gordon gives glorious smiles, which speaks volumes.  Whenever I sing his favourite worship songs, he seems to respond and even tries to talk.  I brought my digital radio to him yesterday, and as he lay in bed, the radio poured out Christian songs from United Christian Broadcast.  I also prayed in earnest and even though his eyes were almost closed, I could just FEEL that the words were getting through.  


It came to tea time and I was spoon-feeding Gordon, when suddenly he smiled at me, and VERY CLEARLY said the name, "Jesus!"  What a name to call out!!  It's even better than if he had tried to say my name!!  I felt like I had won the £1 million lottery!  Then I held his plastic cup of tea to his mouth.  It has a handle either side and a mouthpiece.  Normally he has very little control but last night, he took the cup and firmly held it to his mouth and held it away, in an upright position, full of control!! 


Praise be God's Holy Mighty Name!!! 

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Comment by Ruth McD on May 15, 2011 at 10:08am
What a powerful message. I am praying for you and your husband. God is always with us. You are so strong for your husband, and your love for him shows through. Praise the Lord!
Comment by Richard L. Broch, Sr. on March 10, 2011 at 12:34pm

Diane Forth-Eglon,

No small thing indeed!!

Christian brothers and sisters are to weep and lean on each others shoulders sometimes; and sometimes to jump up and down with joy together.

We are rejoicing with you and praising God`s Holy Mighty Name.

Thank you for sharing.


Grace and Peace.

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