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Soft, pastel-pink, aqua, sepia

Turning sharp, gold, striking

The sky is a willing canvass

Waiting to be kissed

By the palette of colours

Multi-shaded layers dapple the heavens

The pace of life is set to slow

Announced by the sleepy, restful sun

Her dying rays cast playful shadows

Open to interpretation!

Intriguing and mysterious

Creating an air of curiosity

Liquid gold outlines the classic oak tree

So near, and yet so far!

The firefly dances with excitement

Her luminous tail aglow

And the song thrush folds down her wings

Relaxing in the still warm air

Soft peach clings to the buildings

While strong apricot dresses the windows

From liquid gold to burnt orange

Now a mauve sheet covers the horizon

The crisp silhouette of the tawny owl

Graces the evening magenta sky

And the crickets begin their shrill song

Heralding the arrival of the long, dark night

Winking stars and the seductive moon

Commence their clandestine romance

Wildlife dare not relax

Predators lurk in the jet-black ether!

Gradually, the backdrop loses its ebony

And the scenery takes on an intense cobalt blue

The gentle dawn is slowly approaching

The softest lilac bedecks a fresh morning air

Irridescent speckles espied through the laurel bush

Dewdrops like glass drape the orchid

Reflecting the fiery citrus blanket above

Before turning warm, creamy lemon

And cheerful azure blue

This kaleidoscopic carpet starts its journey

On a never-ending cycle of wonder


By Diane Forth-Eglon


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Comment by Diane Forth-Eglon on February 10, 2011 at 12:15pm
Sorry, I didn't understand the TAG thing!  I was meant to say, the poem is about "the colours of the sky from dawn to dusk!"

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