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Like a loving parent our God teaches and directs us. We really need to pay attention to his teachings and to follow them he knows life better than us because he is the creator of life. We take take matters into our own hands and try to run life in our own ways in the end we end up in troubles that which we cant free ourselves. We boost this is my life let me enjoy it, honestly is it your life? Believers we should listen to our loving father, our God because he loves us more just imagine he loved us even before we became his children, whilst we were still sinners he loved us to the extent of sending his son, sinless to die for sinners what a great God we have. Let us obey our God all heartly with undivided hearts but hearts that are committed to loving him. If we do this peace and righteouness will come to us as we give our hearts to obey his word. Refusing to obey or pay attention to his commmands only invites punishment to us and threatens that peace and righteousness.

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