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 I have been in hiatus for quite some time. The good Lord just put the pause button on me. Now you women know what the  word above means, but I am sure there are many men that don't know about this liquid gold that God created for women to nourish our babies. Colostrum is the first milk your breasts produce during pregnancy.

 I remember when Lynn was pumping for Sawyer, the hospital would put the bags of breast milk into a freezer for later consumption. It would take some time before he was able to handle what would be like water to us, but to him a solid. I remember the day they brought this stuff out for his first feeding. I had this puzzled look on my face. "Ahh, isn't milk supposed to be white?" The nurse looked at me and smiled and told me all about  colostrum. Do you know that one teaspoon of this stuff is equivalent to 1000 calories? It is amazing stuff and it doesn't get enough credit!!

 I guess what I am trying to say is that after a long time of being helpless and being dependent of the doctors and nurses for Sawyers care, my wife was able to give him something that she made that will give him basically his first home cooked meal. I remember when they brought it out and put it in a syringe, it was orange, like the color of a orange popsicle. I never asked Lynn what it felt like to finally be putting all the time and effort that she put into filling up all the freezers we could find with her breast milk. Yes, my wife was a machine. She loved that little boy so much and was going to give everything that her body could muster.

 The life of  colostrum is short, maybe three days if I remember correctly. It sure left its mark on me though. I do think about it once in a while because of the power that holds. As I think back as to why it had this grip on me, I think about the power of God. I think about the powerful things that He can do. And I do believe that  colostrum is just one of those small examples of His capability.

 Friends, this blog means the world to me. The reason I stopped was because I didn't want it to be forced. It wasn't writers block because I have all I want to say inside of my head. I take my command from the Holy Spirit and the passion, love, and heart seem to be back.

  I think a big part of my rejuvenation is that I never shared my blog with my dad. I want nothing more for him to be one with the Lord. I printed all my chapters and gave them to him. He got very emotional. My friends, its that seed that we plant. A friend brought up a situation where 100 people were asked, "what is the one thing that you want to achieve while you are here on earth." Random answers of success, health, mostly things of the earth. But the true answer to that question is "To Glorify God."

 And that is all I am trying to do. If I need to be patient, I do as I am told. I listen and I learn, I stumble and He always picks me up. God is and always will be!!!

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