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 On December 12th (9 weeks 3 days)  while up at the NICU and just about ready to leave for the night they decided to weigh Sawyer. This would be the first time we would ever see him without his headgear. They would put an oxygen bag next to him for some assisted breathing. Finally able to see his face!! What a treat that was!! Lynn got to hold him all bundled up in a heated blanket. The loving look on her face was what convinced me that Sawyer would always be in great hands under her care. Sometimes I take for granted all the wonderful things that she does for him. God has really blessed me with the perfect mate.

 His weight was now up to 3 lbs. and 4 ounces!!

 He also had his second eye exam and blindness was ruled out. He passed his eye exam!!

 I finally got to change Sawyer's diaper. Talk about being scared!! I have done this before, but never on someone that was so fragile and little. I was reasured by the nurse that I would be alright. I did fairly well I must say.

 They also increased his calorie intake by 12 calories. You are thinking, big deal huh? well 12 calories to him would be equivalent to 1200 to us.

 On December 22nd God had a very special day for us. After dinner with some friends we headed to the hospital with what we thought was just a routine visit. Upon entering the NICU we got intercepted by our favorite doctor who had a smile and a surprise for us. Our goal was for him to get up to the 4 lb. mark for Christmas, so that must have been it. (he was just under)

 As we slowly walked in what we witnessed for the first time was the pure beauty of our God. Sawyer was laying in his isolet with nothing on, breathing on his own!!! I couldn't stop staring. Was this real? Now if that wasn't enough we were told that we could feed him through his mouth for the first time, something that they didn't even attempt to do yet.

We were told of how monumental an event this was. Think about it, he never sucked before, nor has he swallowed before, and was breathing on his own before. I remember the night nurse that was on duty that night. She was one of the tough no nonsense nurses that worked there. She was very good at her job but didn't have the fuzzy warm disposition like the others. Every NICU needed one of those though. Any she told us not to expect much that odds are he will probably gag from not knowing what to do. She was hoping that he would take a half a teaspoon. So Lynn was set up to do the honors. The little champ took to it like a natural!! I looked at the nurse who was watching what was taking place. She actually had a little tear come down her eye (although I am sure she would have never had admitted it) Sawyer drank a half an ounce. Lynn even got him to burp!!

 We were just numb from all this excitement. It was all we talked about on the way home. After a moment of silenced I looked at Lynn and said, "we have to go back, a moment like this deserves much more respect." She smiled at me like a little kid.

 We got another surprise while there after they weighed him, he was now over the 4 lb. mark. It was one of those moments where you remember every detail, where on the road that you turned around, the looks on everyones faces. I even remember where everyone was sitting when we witnessed his feeding. This was one of the greatest days of my life and I will cherish it always!!

  Just before we left we went to Sawyer's isolet to see him practicing his sucking. He had his thumb in his mouth.

  Have a great day everyone!! Look up to the heavens and praise the Lord!! Its a great day to be alive!!!


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Comment by Todd Robert Princl on March 5, 2013 at 11:56am

I am glad that you are following because there is so much more. This is only the beginning. Wait until God enters my life and how all of this makes so much sense to me.

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