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people have often taken my lack of tolerance of other peoples inconsistancies as a weakness. as if im sooo affraid of regection that i cant stand to recieve it in any way not that to be honest i hold olthers to a different level them myself. because you know your self you know what your capable of and what is possible there is no way to know that about another person which tells me that. the only problem is sometimes you push away people to soon or unnecessiarily. I feel as though ive put myself in a box of my body image which i like who i am what i look like and who ive become but in liking it ive stoped pushing myself for more.  My thirst  for money has even changed instead of promotions to base rates. School has become something that i have no choice at only because i am pushed to the wall. Time is running out and goals are passing me up there are things im meant to do. and i say all this to say the lord we serve is so amazing. he anwsers our prayers and even when we dont know what we want. I have been sent a man who works hard ... harder then me takes care of himself and respects me as a person as a woman as a business woman and even though we arent spiritually in the same place he repsects me enough to not be nagging me for the sinful things in life so if we get on the same page with time things will be great. just wanting to say even when things arent great or perfect our lord always is! and i thank him so much

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