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Men dont cry is a myth we do we just might do it in private or when were alone due to how society can be hard on men who get emotional.I couldnt answer at the time the last time I cried it been a while, but if asked again it would had been two and a half months ago when Christina Grimmie was killed after her final concert here in Orlando.She and her fans were having fun time of their lives.It ended in tragedy and misery as Kevin James Loibl ruined everything.Credit to Marcus her brother who tried to save her as he did her fans by tackling that nut who then killed himself.But yes her tragic death lead me to tears in my room alone more than once.She had compassion and cared about others as well as her fans.She was a special, unique individual very wise for 22 yrs old much younger than me Im 41 but she stood out. That and Pulse Nightclub most victims 18 to 36, Christina was 22 Im saying Holy smokes theyre younger than me Im 41.Death can occur any age its not just an elderly thing.Young deaths can be quite common as well.Young deaths touch me more because theyre often unexpected.

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