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His death was in exchange for your life.

Have you ever examined yourself on the question of whether or not you turned to Christ out of fear for yourself, your eternal destiny, and what He can give you, or because you were truly sorry for the sinful life you've lived and what it cost Jesus to be your Redeemer, the One Who ransomed you, paid the price for your release from sin and its consequences and you love Him?

His death was in exchange for your life. "Through His blood" means by His death (Colossians 1:14).

One of the questions that I've asked myself is what is my motivation for keeping Christ's commandments? It used to be to experience the blessings and promises that I thought we will get from keeping them, which includes eternal life and also joy and peace and other things in this life.

I know that when Jesus died on the cross, He had to feel the weight of every single solitary sin that I would ever commit and He saw the lives of all those He was redeeming and felt the weight of every sinful act committed from their birth to their death. I don't know what the full pain was that He endured, but I know it means each sin I commit from this moment on is another sin He felt and paid for on the cross.

So now, even though I fail in many ways, I just want to keep His commandments because I love Jesus.

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