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Painful discpline is required of the true believers or followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Giving up a relationship, a Job, or a habit that is against Gods will may seem just as painful as cutting off a hand or a leg. Our high goal, however is worth any sacrifice. christ is worth of any possible loss. Nothing should stand in the way of our faith in the Lord. We must be ruthless in removing sins from our lives rather than being stuck with them for eternity. I praise my God today for all he has done for me. When I seriously give my life to the Lord, everything changed I didnt know that I was now Gods property. I maintained a relationship which was not suppose to be in Gods eyes. In other words I wanted to live for God at the sametime continue to fornicate and drink.  Sometime around the Lord warned me in a dream about polluting my soul, but I didnt take the warning very serious I kept on sinning against my God. I thought I couldnt do it without sex or beer. In July 2010 the Lord sent me a very powerful warning once again in a dream. As it says Deutronomy 30: 15 the Lord told me to chose between life and death. Since he is a loving God he told me very clearly that if I continued to do what was doing I was going to face a very miserable life. I thank lord he gave power I chose the right way. I got rid of the thing that was causing me to sin against my God. Today when I look back I just give praise for his great love for me which has saved me from the slavery of beer, greed, lies, jealous, pornography, pride, selfishness and fornication. God is wonderful nothing can ever be compared to him, he is more than life it self.

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