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I had this dream on October 14, 2009.

My whole life I have had strange dreams....not visions...not prophecies(maybe...maybe not..I do not claim) but dreams...while asleep.

I was living in a a rented apartment...not my home...with my mother and best friend from the past. In it....I remember thinking..this isn't so bad....I just kind of drink...hang out...and do nothing. In my dream, I remember me and my friend going to a nearby cemetary where we did something...but I dont remember was like a hand gesture....but I dont remember what(I am guessing some type of occult thing...but I cant remember in the dream what is was).

In the dream I remember talking with my mother...she said do you remember what my dream I had gotten drunk and had a fight with my father...he was angry that I and my friend kept going to that cemetary and warned me to stop...I guess I threatened to fight him.

The next part of the dream me and my mother were going to work with my father....we were in a van and and after driving for a bit my mother jumped out of the van(opened the back door and jumped out) I watched I thought I shall do the same. After driving a bit I noticed a lake on the side of the the van slowed down I jumped out.

My father looked in the rear view mirror and came back for me.....I got back in the van and we drove off. At this point the sky turned all a weird cheap horror movie where the clouds are all black and are rolling. In the direction we were heading there was a huge tornado.....and we kept driving in every direction in order to get back home and to avoid all the storms. Every where we turned were one point we drove...I dont remember why...but I remember we were in the left hand lane...and while driving we saw three tornados on the side of the road.

We took a right turn and stopped......I looked...I saw a road ahead with 2 to 3 very tall men with horses.......I thought to myself in the dream...these are the monguls....(dont know why I thought this). They noticed us...but turned and traveled on.

We turned around and was headed back trying to find where we lived......we looked and saw a huge lightening was large....but it didnt light up the was very father said in the dream...something fell...I said...I think we know what it is.....there was a half rainbow at the time.....the lightening bolt faded the rainbow.......dimming it ...if you will.

We began to drive in that we drove I noticed people walking across the road...and walking everywhere...but they were my dream I thought...these are the shadow people. I looked to the left and saw a very large black object..I assumed it was a was a large black shadow shape...however it arose as if had very large breasts...(I assumed it was a woman) with yellow eyes. It also saw us...but did nothing and we drove on.

As we drove I saw flashing lights over a hill...I thought to myself...this cant be good....however it was a police we drove....I saw all the debris from all the storms, tornado, and we approached...I got out and helped remove all the debirs with the officer and several other everyone else soon drove off I asked the officer.....other than all the storms...have you seen anything strange.........I said have you seen any very tall men

It was my dream I remember his response quite well....he said...."I dont believe in a master race" he was an olive complected man with a dark moustache and a bald head with dark hair around the sides.

Before that...I wanted to ask him..but noticed children around...I knew what I saw and didnt want to scare I asked him to step aside so I could talk to him. He agreed...but... a little girl was hiding behind if to hear the information.

Anyway...after telling him this the dream, the officer and my father were all inside a very small building.....we saw flash.....I said...oh another of the 2 said...that isnt a storm...we looked.... a mushroom cloud.......all in terror we looked to the side and another one...this one much closer.....

In my dream after seeing the second mushroom cloud a wave of hot lava came towards crashed through the window and killed the officer and my father(who has actually been dead for over 10 years).......I simply stepped aside and was still alive.

Im not sure what dreams all mean....but then it was like I had woken up....I walked towards the smashed window and looked out...the sky was black....greyish black....and the lava was a reddish black color..but had a very cold/cool look to it.

I began walking to where I lived...looking for safety and shelter...for my things....I found a house....and I for whatever reason decided to call my mother. When I called what sounded like an elderly lady answered....I asked to speak with my mother...she asked me...who is this;...I said this is her son.

She replied....Oh....she will be happy to hear from you...she thought you were dead......I waited and waited...but after that noone spoke. I turned to notice 2 cars coming up what was a street.......I tried to wave them down..the first passed me by...the second stopped and a young. man and quite arrogant ...(it was a convertable.....and there were 3 or more people in it) red in color as well....not sure what that means....but he can have my house and tossed me the keys...but didnt pick me up.

I walked to the was the same from where I called my mother from on the cell phone. I began to walk around the place and noticed a stable. I looked inside and saw 4 to 6 horses drowning or head high in water due to all the rain....they were locked in the stable with noone to let them out......I was scared and frustated...but I thought...I cant let this happen....after several attempts...I opened the stable...all the water poured out...and the horses ran free.

I began to walk towards where I lived and actually found my place...residence...etc......I walked in thinking..I can get my things an go....however..I heard a was spoken in English..but with a Russian one of those cheap movies....obviously meant to be a Russian who spoke English...I just remeber this....This will make them paranoid.

I was afraid and I ran out of the house......I remember in the dream I knew they heard me and were after me...although at no point did I ever see anyone following me.....I remember running back to the house with the horses and where I attempted to call my mother.

At that point in my dream I heard a was clear...I wonder if he will make that point I looked....there was a door was obviously I looked at the door......I noticed it was dark underneath the door......but it was there....then I woke up.

I had this dream 3 days ago........I dont really freak out easily...but it did freak me out......In my dream only my mother is actually still in my life now. I have had strange dreams all my life...and dont really even remember them that well anymore...but this one kind of weirded me out.

I dont claim to be a prophet.....I have never had visions......I dont even claim this to be a prophetic dream.....however...there is a lot of symbolism and weirdness here.

Like I was a dream...I was asleep.

Just looking for feedback, reassurance, etc.

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Comment by carrie snackers on November 28, 2009 at 1:55pm
well i read your story. and what I can say that your mother has a great influence on you.
Do not know if this is right. The tornado's means storms that may happen in your life. And the most important thing . Look always to Jesus.
Comment by Templar on October 19, 2009 at 7:16am
Thank you and I believe that both interpertations are correct. I would love to post on your website and am grateful to share this with all those interested. I don't claim it to be prophectic, however....I have had many types of dreams like this before...not as intense...but date back to early childhood.
Comment by Gayla on October 18, 2009 at 5:44am
With everything that I have seen, felt, heard, and read lately... I feel this dream is speaking to the Body of Christ...warning us of things that are just about to take place, strange, frightening things.... that willl destroy us, if we do not keep our eyes upon Jesus. The battle is getting hotter....and everything that must happen...will happen, but, we do not have to suffer accordingly, however, we must be prepared, for any emergency, to the best of our ability, and especially prepared spiritually.

If all of this suddenly started happening around you tommorrow, when you wake would you feel?

Where would you go, who would you call..... Would it not be Jesus first?

I think so, and this is pleasing to him.

Anyone reading this, right now, that is not certain of where they stand with the Lord...please make things right...right now... God is warning us...and he tells us in his word, that he will do nothing until he warns us first....

So.....we are being warned....and I do not say this to invoke fear, because fear is a spirit, and one that is not of God...over and over in his word... he tells us to "fear not". He says what he means, and he means what he says.

It is our job to be obedient to what he says, and he has given us his precious Holy Spirit, to enable us, to do his will, once we understand what that will is..... so, it is up to us.

We are to be prepared.....for anything. We are to keep our eyes upon Jesus, and our heart and mind, fixed upon him.

Connies words are wringing in my heart and soul, as I write these words.... see her post, on the front page, and I have not even read it yet, but, I know what it is saying... and it strikes fear into my heart.... fear for the soul of one of my loved ones....who is living in error.

Father God, you know in whom I am speaking, Lord, my sister... .do not leave her behind Lord....Please....Please...speak to her now.... warn her of the consequences of sin.... I don't think she is aware of how you feel about sin..... please, Lord, don't leave my sister behind...nor any of my family, shake them, do anything you have to do to wake them up, Lord, they are drunken in slumber, to your words....and your spirit... please forgive them, and cleanse them, before it it too late. Lord, I feel by this post, and many others, along with my own....that you are screaming at us, to wake up..... destruction is coming....and the only way we are going to make it, is to have our hearts right with you..... MOVE HOLY SPIRIT....MOVE ON HEARTS....CONVICTING THEM OF SIN....BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, AND THE FLOOD OF DESTRUCTION STARTS.... TOUCH THEM RIGHT NOW, GET THEM OUT OF BED IF YOU HAVE TO....WAKE THEM UP... PLEASE....IN JESUS POWERFUL NAME..... AMEN.

GOD BLESS YOU CRAIG.... and btw... Ginny may be right, God may be speaking to you, if so, I pray that you will fall on your face before him, now, so that you will be found worthy to escape what is coming.

God often times speaks to multiple person, or situations, in one sentance, so, only you know if he is speaking to you.

Also, I would like very much if you would post your dream, and any other, that you feel might be from God on my site, I have set up a group just for that.. Here is the link:

And Ginny, you or anyone else reading this, are more than welcome to post your dreams/visions also.

God bless....
Comment by Ginnybee on October 17, 2009 at 6:13pm
Sounds to me like you might be involved in something you shouldn't be, or not involved in something you should be, and the Spirit is showing you that God is extending opportunity after opportunity to you that you should make the right choices. In the end, the storm will catch up to you, less you should begin to follow His lead in your life. Seems to depict that you use your parents as cover of some sort, or protection, and they probably do deliver you some amount of it; however, they cannot offer you what the Lord has to offer. Therefore, you need to stop using your parents as cover and step out into the light...particularly, on your own. The door, at the near end of your dream was probably a fake representation of a safe place to go and escape what you are running from, but I would guess it is a ploy, or a temptation by the devil to take the quickest easiest way out of the situation. I would not want to take that door, since you said it was darkened at the bottom. I would say, from this dream, you are being urged by God to take responsibility for your life and follow the Lord's calling on you. You seem to keep missing the mark. You're inquisitive and interested in the things of the Spirit, but you haven't found your passion for them yet, at least, not as much as the Lord expects you to. Forgive me for this if I seem way off. I'm interested in dreams, cuz I have them too.

You say you've always dreamed many dreams, and that you don't remember them too well anymore. Could this play a role in what this particular dream is based on? Do you have a calling to prophecy, but ignore the calling by paying no real attention to the messages God sends you...out of fear of seeming like a weirdo, maybe?? Just a suggestion. I really don't claim to be someone who interprets dreams for people, or anything remotely close to it. But, like I said, I have dreams, which I try to interpret for myself, and I think I've done a pretty good job so far, whith help of the Holy Spirit, of course.

Well, good luck and best of all, God bless you! I hope you find the true meaning of your dream. It could be quite largely significant that you my opinion.

ps. I don't believe all dreams hold Spiritual significance, but this one might. Just the fact that it left such an impression on you lets me know that it probably does.
Comment by Graham Robert Maidment on October 17, 2009 at 5:14pm
Did you get any sound at any points during your dream?

They do have meanings but I can't tell you as I don't know how to interperite them.

People in the Bible had dreams, with meanings. If your ment to know you will find out, pray to Jesus & ask him to help you, To Guide you on the right path & not to wonder, & to protect you.

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