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A Love Letter to My Dad, My Father....

As I was waiting at the drs. office with my dad; I was able to reflect on the truly Awesomeness of this man. He is a good man, as moral as they come. I watch him as he stands, paces a little, then softly jingles the change in his pockets; trying to patiently wait for his name, his turn to be called. Just as suddenly he sits down again, and crosses his leg, sitting quietly, speaking once in a while. His time worn hands humbly twiddling nervously in his lap to pass the time. Silently whistling to himself; and occasionally clearing his throat.
You see my dad, is in the winter of his years, and there may not be many more times like these; just to be in the moment; to be with him, just to see I wont have many more opportunities like today; just to spend with this great man, whom I'd called "Daddy" all my life.
We are home now and as he sits in his recliner, I watch those tanned calloused hands that, once were so vibrant and hardworking and strong, change and mellow with time.

This man had lived a long time, by the worlds standards. He came from a large family, 5 brothers, and (2 sisters, who died as babies, from drinking well water in those days.) My earthly father grew up in humble circumstances,They carried their lunch to school in bags, and their milk in baby bottles. Yes, I said baby bottles. My dad graduated from high school; when the highest grade in school used to be the 9th grade.

He carved out a life for himself by a variety of respectable jobs, his last job of 35 yrs; he was a Fire chief in Lafayette. A job he poured his entire being into, he loved it,
and I loved him for it too.
You see I looked up to him, I still do, and Always will.
He joined the Army near the end of WWII, along with his brothers. I can remember even riding on the Fire trucks and floats in the Christmas parades, till I was12 yrs old. How important I felt!~

My dad is the strongest man I know; he could actually hold onto a flag pole, and hold his body horizontally; for at least 5 mins.( I dont know of anyone else who's done that!) I've even had him do it once at 57 yrs old, just for me, and he did it holding onto the A-frame of a swingset, and he still did it!
Dads done lots of silly things for me over the years;... I 've made him keep the curl in the middle of his forehead, and he even kept a mustache for the longest time. Every time I cut my hair I 'd save a long curl of hair to give him; because he used to say how much he loved my hair. And now after 30+ yrs; He presented me with an envelope; Inside it were the locks of hair he'd saved all those yrs.

I used to go in his bathroom, after he'd leave for work just so i could breathe in deeply of his oldspice, or English Leather aftershave that lingered in the air. I'd buy it for him for Christmas! *You see I loved my dad so much, he could do no wrong in my eyes. At about 6 yrs of age I'd decided I was going to marry him when I grew up. (Talk about the Naivet'e of a child!)

You see my daddy is 85 yrs old now, and beginning the Winter of his life. HIs memory is failing now and again; but his indomitable spirit still soars to the heights!~ Even now, I am starting to miss him........
His gait is a little slower than I remember; because dads always been a nervous Nelly!, who Can't hardly sit still for more than 10 mins; before jumping to his feet to see what else he can do for you.
But then thats just my Dad.

This is a proud, but humble man who's donated more than 23 gallons of blood during his lifetime. A man of few spoken words; but whos actions, and deeds have spoken volumes, and has made an impact on those he's met, and cooked for. When the 3rd to last brother was dying, and dad was on the phone with his only surviving brother left, Uncle Leroy; I asked Dad to just say three little words; I'd rarely heard him say.
...."I Love You!"
Awkwardly, & timidly at first he said it, to his brother; I heard uncle Leroys voice crack and say ; "Whats that brother?", Dad repeated it, and they both cried on the phone together.
And even now, they say it as easy as breathing is. What a change I 've seen in him over the years. About 4 months ago; my dad and I first spoke and really just talked for hours, about Our heavenly Father; and I was able to share this great Love of ours, Past, Present, and Future to come. I believe it did his heart good knowing his daughter is on the right path. You see I grew up with regular bouts of night terrors, fighting demons in battles, mostly of the same dream.... In the mornings it was dad who wiped my eyes with a warmwash cloth, till I could open them again. (I'd cry in my sleep & fall out of bed often)

We talk once a week now, His voice and manner is now much softer in tone; though the love still shines as brightly as ever. The Caring & Compassion has always been there. Of that, there is No doubt!
This is a Love story; a love letter to my Dad; but its also to my Heavenly Father; Who though I've only talked to from a distance, Knows everything about me, He knew my every thought, my every breath, my every word, my every move.....
My Dad was not a well renowned person, his name was not up in lights, he never went after the Greed or Vanities of this world

And if this earthly father can make such an unselfish act of loving me through it all; Then how much more does the heavenly Father Love me?

But rather my dad was a Joseph.....
I can never Thank You enough Father, for truly blessing me with this dad of mine.
He was always there when I needed I needed him most. He was always in my corner, even when everyone else turned on me in my innocence of youth.
But then; Thats just my Dad!...

I 'd like to ask you to do one thing for me, for the Father... to try to mend a strained relationship, with a family member, or someone you feel just really needs it, and tell them;
I Love You! and just *Smile* no explainations are necessary; with nothing expected in return........, I know you can do this, I have Confidence in You.
Just Go on and do it, Go On, I Dare Ya!~

Ps; I LOVE YOU too! =)


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Comment by Annie on January 16, 2009 at 12:58pm
I have one word for this..... Beautiful
Comment by Pastor Bob B on December 14, 2008 at 5:29am
This really touched my heart for 2 reasons. I have a daughter, and I want to leave the same impact upon my daughter and her 2 brothers as your dad left on you. I hope that you give this letter to your dad and read it to him. As dads we try so hard and never really know if we are getting it right. Your dad has also made it really easy for you to fall in love with your heavenly Father also. I can't wait to meet your dad in heaven some day.

In the love of Jesus

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