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10 Facts about parables
1) Gr. Parabole, A comparison (Mk.4:30). Figure (Heb.9:9; 11:19). Proverb.(Lk.4:23). And an illustration(Mt.13:3;10,13,18 24:31-36, 53, 15:15 21:33;45 22:1 24:32;Etc.).
2). They illustrate truth and make it clear by comparison with something that is already familiar.
3). They impart instruction and rebuke without causing offense(2Sam.12).
4). They create interest and hunger for further information(Mt.13:10-17 2Sam.12).
5).The stories are always true and the points illustrated must Not be considered false and absurd.
6) The historical background and the circumstances and occasion when uttered must be understood.
7) Their words and details must be defined Literally, Not, Spiritually.
8) The similarity between the point illustrated and the illustration must be noted.
9) The point illustrated is always stated with the parable, Or is clear by the occasion uttered.
10.The principles of interpretation are given by Jesus Himself. Any variance with these principles and with the purpose is Unscriptural and illegal.

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