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Who is your Daddy???
(Romans 8:15)
When we were children of the world, we may have known or not who this individual was or is. We may have met them in person or not, Maybe we did and they did not meet or expectations of what a Father should be. Those of us that were blessed to have the good Lord take them before we had a chance to meet them. Praise God! Some of us in the Body of Christ only know of Him. They have never touched our lives or us, physically or Spiritually. And some how we have been emotional scar’s by this some of else physical abuse. And because of this for such a time as this, I bring you good news, You need to realize that you have a Father that is all in all, He is!!! More than you can ever ask or think, For those of us who don’t know what He is??? Just believe that He is!!! For you single parents out there Raise your children up to believe that He is!!!
Who is He??? He has been known and has been called by a many a names Here is just a few, Healer, Provider, Elohim, Jehovah, Yehovah, Adonai, El, Eloah, Elah, Heb. Tahr Gr. Theos. We need to note that, All the above names mean nothing if you don’t have a personal relationship with Him. If you do, you have the ability to call Him Abba, Father. For those of us in the body of Christ, Are we showing Love to our children??? Maybe over the years you have been doing to much time else where??? I don’t know maybe working for the committee’s in the church and you forgot, Your first blessing from God your child. Can you do an Abraham with Isaac?(Gen.22:9).Probably not!!! If thou faint in the day of adversity thy strength is small(Prov.24:10). This is a wake up call to all the body of Christ. Check your walk. Amen!!!
In His Service
Pastor Robert
By His Grace
We run this race
Hoping to reach
His eternal place!!!
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