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Its God whispering again.
Psalm 11 !

In the town, I accidentally turned to the small pocket Bible, so it is NOT by chance, It is the way God speaks to me. He is the Way , the Truth and Righteous One.
Amazing, you got to BELIEVE.
Coming home, I saw this page 7 ( Genesis 7 ) left opened earlier of my NIV Bible.
God once again proved He is the living God and Faithful One!

Speak to Him through His Words, the Bible.
Ask Him to fill you the Holy Spirit.
Sing and play the worship song.
God hears you !
I pray for you, Nancy:

God you are great. You have spoken to us through the numbers,
11 over the net, we praise you, your power of words connect us every where on this earth.Our heart hears you.
May your almighty LOVE lead Nancy and family in your plan.
In Jesus name, we glory you through our faith, righteousness with deeds.

Winson & Sherine

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