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Merry Christmas to everyone,
May words of God lead us to the Truth.

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Its God whispering again.

Psalm 11 !

In the town, I accidentally turned to the small pocket Bible, so it is NOT by chance, It is the way God speaks to me. He is the Way , the Truth and Righteous One.

Amazing, you got to BELIEVE.

Coming home, I saw this page 7 ( Genesis 7 ) left opened earlier of my NIV Bible.

God once again proved He is the living God and Faithful One!

Speak to Him through His Words, the Bible.

Ask Him to fill you the Holy… Continue

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Seven O'clock

Imagine the God creation in Seven days,

My wife and I were walking in the park, I decided we walked 7 rounds the field. Meantime I told her briefly Genesis about creation in 7 days.

When we arrived home, I puzzled a while, it's 7 am !

That was the first morning walk I impromptu thought of....

God is alive.


Looking back, it has been marvelous how Jesus shows me his presence and test after test.

Thanked you for yr prayers. I am… Continue

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Words of God is alive ! Matthew 6:9

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your advices and prayers.

Last few weeks, I experienced something which were rather surprising.

First, my wife has accepted Christ after 20 over years.

Second, I felt the words of God are always living day by day.

I now am able to study His Words naturally.

Also the going to Church on Sundays comes naturally and willingly !

Praise the Lord, he is almighty.

I saw evils on the internet too, camoflouged… Continue

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In the wilderness

Last July was a terrifying experience.
I lost my job out of betrayal.
I had some drinks that consecutive nights, I felt like Christ has deserted me again.

Never seemed to be able to face the reality, that as a so called Christian, I failed in every aspect. Not been able to attend church on Sundays, finding it hard to read Bible over the years.
What went wrong ? Why did I do ?
Need your advices and rebuke me if necessary.

Added by Winson Gan on June 20, 2008 at 9:41am — 3 Comments

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