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God's love is unconditional.

Have you ever thought whoever gave you a mother whose love is so unconditional that cannot be compared with any other love,what will be the love of the one who gave you your mother. Our God gave us a person who can love us so much. God's love is so eternal. He never loved us for some condition or reasons. He loved us because He love us. God's love is uncomparable. In earth He gave us His love by sending us beautiful angels. Thats our parents(mommy and daddy). Still we don't recognise His love.… Continue

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What do God wants from us?

God is everything we want but the main question that arises is what God wants from us. God wants nothing but trust in Him. God wants us to be only His children. God wants us to believe only Him. We don't need to do big miraculous things to be His children. We just need to trust Him by our complete heart. God loves us so much. Can't we give this little thing for Him? Love You God. Amen..

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If you believe,believe completely.

I have seen many people wearing crosses and holding a bible when they are scared. But do they really believe what they are holding or wearing? If they would have believe God for true sense,they would have believe Him completely and pray about Him and follow christianity. They follow other religion but they say they have faith in rosary and bible to protect them from evils. Why do they do so? They say that there's only one God but they believe in several religion. Thats so ironic. If someone… Continue

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You are my salvation and my light in my darkness.

Nothing is greater than you my God. Your trust in me is so great that I feel so regret when I do a little mistake. I am disappointed in me in many things. I love you God so much and I want to do anything to prove that to You. You are greater than anything in this earth. You are my salvation,my root and my strength. Give everyone the power to see the truth. The power to see the light inside you and the darkness of the world. The world is full of darkness and we are one of them and God sent His… Continue

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Life is nothing without God.

God you are the biggest happiness that have happened in my life. Without you my life was incomplete. Before you my eyes were shut and I was incapable of seeing the truth. I was blinded by the darkness of this world and false hope. But after you I got everything I ever wanted. I was encountered by the truth and had light to see the real truth and that's God. And I had never been more happy. After meeting you everything was complete and I got to knew about my real goal and about my work on earth.… Continue

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Why do people blame God for theur sadness?

Is it really necessary that God is the only reason for their sadness? Whenever somebody gets hurt,they just start blaming God. Even I lost my brother but I don't feel necessary to blame God for this. I know whatever God is doing,He have a plan and He is doing this for good. Yeah I miss my brother so much. I just feel sometime that if my brother woulb be alive He would be helping me and be happy to see me so grown up. But he is gone now and I had to accept it. So I moved on and walked on God's… Continue

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Thank God for everything..

God is everything and He has given almost everything we want. And He is the greatest thing we have ever received. The people who gets to know Him is the greatest gift you can ever receive. Nothing can make you happier than this. Whatever you are and however you are,you are because for Him. You have believed God and gave yourself totally to Him. God loves us so much that He always unsee our sins and wants to forgive us. He gave us the power to see the truth and walk in the right path. We must… Continue

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Be positive and have faith in God.

Maybe you will have lots and lots of struggles in your life but remember one thing in your hardest time that God will always be standing with you holding your hand. Think positive and always have faith in God. God is always with us who believes Him. He is the only one whom you can trust with your eyes closed. Everyone will deceive you once in your lifetime. Maybe even your parents but not God. So trust Him and let God do whatever He wants because He have the best plan for you. Trust God… Continue

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Be a nice person. Do good to others.

Be so good that God will look at you and say "I am proud of you my child". Make God proud of you. Do good to others. Think good for others. Help them whenever it is necessary even if they hate you. There will be many haters in your life who is gonna curse you and wish that you would die. But we don't have to reciprocate this feeling as these are not sign of God's child. We are God's child and we always should want good for others. Life is not full of only good things but we have to believe God… Continue

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Just be a believer of God..2

It was actually incompleted. I suddenly put my fingers on the add button. So I was saying that God love us more than we deserve. So make His love worth it. We must give the same love to Him too. God has given us everything. We just need to believe Him. Thats all we need to do. Believe Him and trust Him by your all heart. Love Him. Praise Him. Love you God. Amen.......

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Just b a believer of God......

Nobody has more power than God. God has the ultimate power over us. Almighty God loves us so much and beleives us that we will provide the same love to Him. But most of us don't even know that He is the only living God. God is great and still loves us so much. But we are just the people of the world and we don't even give a chance to God to love us even more. God has love us more than we deserve

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Love like God.........

Love is a thing that can turn a bad thing to a great thing. Hatred in turn makes a bad thing worst. Love is a light which reflexes the good thing in you. Hatred's a darkness. A full load of darkness. God has love us so much that He sent His only son to protect us and save us from the darkness. But we people didn't understand this thing and we turned against Him who loved us so much and will always love us forever. Nobody's love is greater than God. If you can love like God,its a great thing.… Continue

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Be committed to God........

Sometimes when a situation come where we need to die for God,we just simply deny God even though we say we are committed to God. If you are not committed to God in true aspect,you are not God's child. In every relationship,we just say by our mouth but not by our action. Saying is not just enough. Your action must speak too. While living in a hindu religious community or any other community where christianity is a big deal,should we be afraid to claim that we are christians? No if we truly love… Continue

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Don't commit adultery..

Today's generation are bound to commit adultery as to go with the trend. To go with the trwnd is the best way to stay tune with today's generation. When you cross your teenage age and step in adulthood,everyone tends to lost their virginity. Is it necessary? Is it really necessary? Everyone encourages a virgin to commit adultery. Why is it so important? God has already to plan a soul mate for you. The best. Stop committing adultery. This is not what God wants from us. Gos has the best plan for… Continue

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Evil has dominion over the world.............

Evils! We get scared when we hear the word evil but in actual reality we follow them. Not we but most of the people do. Most of the people of the world love watching horror movies or metallic songs or the albums which have ghost images on it. The ghost movies attracts us more. Even it attracts me too. To be honest I have to admit,I was a big horror movie fan. Not only movies but everything else. Maybe I know every horror movies name. Even my phone ringtone was 'one missed call' movie ringtone.… Continue

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If you have God,you don't need anyone else.

God is everything. The whole thing depends upon God. If you get God's faith,you don't need anyone else's faith. If you deserve enough to be God's child,you deserve everything else. Because God is everything. I don't get it why people still don't get it. Everything is given by God. The food we are eating,the happiness we are getting now,luxury,technologies,love,family,friends,everything else. These are not provided by scientists nor by the most talented person but by only God. Repent yourself… Continue

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Remember God in your trouble and also in your happiness...

What you do when you are in trouble? The first thing that comes to your mind is"God please help" or you star t blaming God for your sadness and for your troubles. But do you remember God or thank God when you get whatever ypu need. Everybody forgets God when they achieve evrything in their. Because for that people God has nothing to do with it. But when they loses everything,they start blaming God or they become atheist. Just stop being this kind of person. God gives you bad day so that you… Continue

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God give me control over my anger.

God I really need control over my anger. I talk so badly to my mom. And then I do realise. Its not like I don't realise. But I don't want to put my anger on her. She don't deserve it. Nor do anyone's parents. Parents are the only one that can give you so much love that nobody can give except God. My mom and dad loves me so much and I don't wanna lose them by my bad behaviours. Every second of my life,I fear that I would lose them. But that second I take God's name and I believe Him and nothing… Continue

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Fear God..

God loves us so much. Even though we do the worst mistakes,He is ready to forgive us. So we must fear God and think twice before doing anything. I know I have done many wrong things. Even I have drank hookah or whatever it was. I am not addicted but it was just for fun. I don't know what I was doing. Please someone guide me. I want a proper guidance. I don't want to deceive God. God is what I need and want. Deceiving Him will be the biggest mistake of my life. I just wanted to try. I just feel… Continue

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Its so good to know that God loves you so much..

Don't you feel happy when someone says you that you are beautiful? The answer is obviously a yes..... When you get to know people loves you even through an anonymous messaging get so happy right? We need love. Love gives us strength. It makes us feel that we are not alone. There are people who supports you and are ready to do anything for you. But when you get the love of God. Thats unexpressable. When you become close to God..the warm you get..the faith..thats something magical. We… Continue

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