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Is online dating really safe and acceptable for Christians?

Many people are apprehensive at first about online dating. This is a normal reaction because it is fear of the unknown.

However, online dating is popular and more accepted in today's society.
In this fast moving society, many people have less time to socialize with others. More people are working harder and longer hours, trying to make ends meet. Thanks to new technologies, online single dating is fast becoming a common means of meeting people.

Do people really lie on online dating sites?
Most people are honest. Unfortunately, not everyone is truthful about the information they will give you. Sometimes people lie out of fear of being rejected.

This type of person may lie about his weight, looks or other physical features. This has to do more with insecurities, in which we all suffer from at one time or another.

Others may not tell the truth because they do not want something to be uncovered in their life. These people may lie about their job, occupation, income or whether they are seeing someone else.

Still, some may not be truthful because they are habitual liars. These people will lie about almost anything. Where they live, their occupation and assets.

Keep your eyes open for people who are being dishonest. Christian relationships are founded on trust and if you can't trust an individual, then quickly move them out of your search for a potential Christian match.
How do I choose a Christian Dating Partner?
As a Christian, it should be important for you to have Christ-centered relationships. Wisely consider if the person you are dating is one of good character and morals. This includes friendship, as well as dating mates. One thing to keep in mind: do not be in such a hurry! Be certain their beliefs line up with yours. Some religions can differ in beliefs when it comes to the bible and the deity of Jesus Christ. Allow a new relationship to grow. Get to know each individual and each individual is needs also, including your own. This is especially important for single Christian parents.

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I realize this is an older discussion, however the online dating thing has been something i was bouncing around in my own mind lately. I am 40 and widowed... So its been three years... and i had One relationship after my husband passed which ended not too long ago on a sour note... BIG MISTAKE IT WAS !! :)    But, All of these stories are different, so i am thinking it is just going to be one of those things I need to pray about.

If anyone has any ideas or advice... Hey im open to it ! At this point in my life, i dont even have a real church home. So maybe if I had some good Christian bros. and sisters in my life, i may not feel so blah sometimes??  Eeeeek, sometimes the emotional part of life can be so tough.

I for one don't encourage online dating,cos I have tried it before and it turned out bad.....


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