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the 23 of june coming will be my fourth anniversary .i got married when i was not a christian,yes i loved him it was not just about loving him, we have been together for five years before we decided to get has been two years since i turn my life over to husband is not a christian and it is very hard at times to get him to come to church with me.he goes when his mind tell,s him to go. finding and keeping a life partner is not an easy task. for me it has its up and down,there are times when i would sit and question god if i got married too quick are should i have waited few more years, these are question i keep asking myself.being married it is not a bed of roses people think that it is happy ever after it is not.i have to give god thanks b ecause if i did not accepted god as my personal saviour i would have walk out on my husband.but god gave me the strenght and the faith that i lock to fight  for my is hard living with a onsave husband but with god all things are possible.with prayer and fasting i know that my husband will give his life to jesus this year2011 by the grace of god.we both have our life to sort out but for those people who are looking for a life partner it is not just about love it is much more than god first  put it before him tell him your plans discribe to him the person you want to get married to a pastor  let him or her pray with you so that you can get the result.lesson some times the result that we get is not what we are looking for.if god say,s no don,t go and marry the person if you do it is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life.think about it and put god frist in every thing that you do. god bless

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Beloved Tameika,


Thank you for taking the time to share sister.  My intentions with this group are to equip us to make the correct choices when we deal with the very important topic of finding and keeping a life partner. All relationships require work and none more than a marriage one, but Hard work can become joyful work when we realize that we are investing on a brighter future and honoring our Lord. Thank you for sharing the realities and challenges that we encounter when we are unequally yoked. You of course are doing the right thing by abiding in your marriage and trusting God for your hubby’s salvation. The promise is for you and your household, so I have no problem believing God will give you testimony of His goodness by saving your hubby’s soul. I appreciate this discussion. May God use it to help those thinking on building a relationship with an unbeliever as an example of the challenges that would create.

The key to finding and keeping a life to first prayerfully and sincerely ask God, in the name of Jesus, to show you the life partner He has already set aside for you. Wait patiently for this revelation! Once you encounter this individual, you will know he/she is the right one: inner peace and contentment will consume you [if it doesn't walk away, don't even get involved in any way]. Of course, once married, there will be challenges as is common in any marriage, but the difference is JESUS. Trusting in Him and taking all your disputes etc to Him in prayer and asking Him to show how to resolve those issues, will incredibly keep the marriage STRONG. Jesus will show you, especially the wife, how to be the "ever-loving" supportive; how to overlook hubby's faults; how to keep looking for the good in him; how to ignore his sometimes angry outbursts. Your strength with be the strength of our TRIUNE God!

For what it's worth, here's something I penned regarding the Secret to Marriage Longevity. Enjoy!

The Secret to Marriage Longevity
By H. Lena Jones

After thirty-five years of marriage, I feel qualified to share a few encouraging facts
about the secret to marriage longevity, which can be summarized in five (5) words! If,
after reading this brief article, you have suggestions of your own, please feel free to
share them.

Once the first seven years of marriage have passed…you know, those years of
adjustment when he establishes who wears the pants, and reminds you to be
subservient, and you wonder what happened to all those “courting days” promises of
peace, love, chocolates, and flowers…well, that was yesterday! Now you take control,
but not in obvious ways!

When something needs repairing, don’t come right out and say so; just mention it in
passing, during lunch or perhaps during dinner. Keep Jesus ever close, and wisdom He
will grant.  Patience will be your virtue, and prayer your best ally; for you see, in a
day or two or even ten, hubby will say to you, “My dear, I think that thing needs
fixing. I’ll get to it today.”
The idea must be his!  [That applies to anything!]

You see, my friend, the key is always to remember that
the idea must be his! Never
feel offended, or say “I have a brain”. Of course you do, for we all know that behind
every successful man is a brilliant woman – YOU! And behind that brilliant woman is
her precious Lord and Saviour --- Jesus, holding her in the palm of HIS hand! He will
never insult, leave, nor forsake you.

What most men fail to realize is “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing; And
obtaineth favour of the Lord!” (Proverbs 18:22) In other words, they can’t live
without us! Why? Because they wouldn't know what to do, or where to find anything!

So, that’s it! My secret to marriage longevity in a nutshell—whatever
brilliant idea
might have is still yours, except you have allowed him to think the idea must
be his!
Yep, those are the critical five (5) words.

I find humor in this! (",)  Thanks for sharing Lena. I've never been married and I've always been in awe of people who stayed happily married for so long like you have. Got some good tips from you! I've prayed that prayer of asking God to show me the life partner He has already set aside for me, so who knows? I might have a use for your tips someday. (",)  God bless!
MRS Jones, I read this and couldnt help but get a laugh out of it! On a serious note, I will say that a woman who lives by this annotation is a very strong woman.


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