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For that past 13 years I've been working as a Janitor for a School.  It is a clean place to work. (In comparison to a factory one can argue it's better.)  But is it really better?  In my personal experience, it hasn't been good for my mental or physical health.  Working by myself at a place where I'm not allowed to express my true feelings takes it's toil mentally.  Moving around for over 10,000 steps a day is a toss up.  A toss up because yes it is good for your body to move.  But there is a difference between quality and hindering movements.  All my moving around has been causing me pain.  I have the start of arthritis in both of my feet because of all the years of walking non stop on thinly covered concrete floors.  I feel that my job is causing me to mentally sin because of the liberties they give the teachers allows them to do things that make my job harder and that translates to anger which in turn makes me think of four letter words I that I'm constantly trying not to say.  I keep telling myself "this is wrong you shouldn't be saying or feeling like this.  You should love your enemies.  God Please help me, please forgive me, and Why am I being so selfish this is wrong too!"  After that I get depressed.  I tried combating this by listening to the Bible, Various Christian books, and prayer.  Not saying that doesn't help some....  I learned a lot more than I did.  But I never get over it. 

I should look forward to Saturday and Sunday.  But my job even takes those two days away from me.  Because I'm always too tired to do much.  My feet are tired, my legs are tired, my back is tired, and my head won't think straight most of the time. 

The other day while doing some research on a Christian Singer.   I stumbled across Pastor Bob Beeman on Youtube.   Now I've been listening to some of His vlogs for weeks.  I don't think any Pastor has got everything a 100 percent right.  Because non of us Humans have things a 100 percent right.  But I found His vlogs to be insightful.  In this Vlog He talks about why, in his opinion, we need to be working a job that we are passionate about.  Is He right?  Well I don't know if He's got all of this a 100 percent.  I think we got to be where God puts us.  My Parents feels that God put me where I'm at.  It's true that it pays the bills but I'm never happy.  And the Economy is bad.  Plus I don't have a lot of skills.  For that reason I'm asking for prayer.  Anyways here is Pastor Bob.  You might enjoy some of His little talks

If it doesn't play directly you can try the direct link.

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Have you looked into natural supplements? Gotta weed through all the hype. Ask your doctor if he could recommend any that would help.

The only cure to a lot of things is proper diet and exercise, but mostly diet.  Our foods are just too laced with stuff.  And medications are worse.  Natural supplements aren't a cure, but taken over time, alone with diet, your body can start to mend bit by bit from some ailments.  It's not a quick fix.

It is in no way intended to make you more frustrated nor means you aren't being prayed for. But don't you understand why I say this? I am going through it myself. I have also made excuses that I can't right now, but it doesn't mean I just don't try to. I pray constantly about my illnesses and eating habits and just the time and ability to eat better. But I also know a portion is up to me. Knowing this however doesn't give me the strength or ability and I too get frustrated with it, so I pray for more strength, more ability, more knowledge of what I need to do.

I've also wondered how long. If you knew a fraction of what I've been dealing with, what I'm currently dealing with, you would know why I have the same frustration of not having a way out and calling on and waiting on God. But I've also seen Him move in situations so He's sustaining me, even when I'm feeling as Paul....hard pressed on every side, struck down and despairing of life itself. I remind myself of these things to help ease the frustration. When I'm in pain I think of the pain He "willingly" endured just so I could have eternal life...and that pain was way more than mine. Does that always relieve the frustration? I wish.

The only reason I offer the suggestions is for the same reason I feel God offers them to me. It's like faith by hearing the Word. The more often we hear a thing, the more it takes hold and helps to strengthen us to reach that goal. Don't see it as condemnation or frustration but as something to think on. Even if you feel you can't work on it til summer, having it in your thoughts will only give you more of a desire so that when summer comes you will have such a drive and determination to succeed. I offer these suggestions not just for you. They are for others reading who may need them and they are also for me. What I write are things I know I too need work on. And writing them helps solidify them in my own mind. But they are in no way meant to frustrate but to provide alternatives you perhaps didn't consider or someone else didn't and help you to reach a determination in your spirit to work towards a goal.

I'm in another situation where, unless God helps again, I can't do anything. He has to provide the means, but like all the other times, He will. And I only hope my saying this can give you hope so that the frustration doesn't overwhelm you. We can get consumed by frustration if it's not tempered with hope of knowing God is going to provide a way where there is no way.


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