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This is the place to post your prayer requests and a place to pray for the needs and concerns of other members.

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Greetings Prayer Room Participants,

Something has been brought to my attention that I need to address. It is our desire for this room to be a place to bring prayer requests and to ask for brothers and sisters in Christ to stand with us in our time of need. At the same time we need to be mindful of how we pray. By this, I mean that though we want to pray positively for others we need to be very careful regarding the language we use, especially when the request we are praying for involves another person who is part of the reason the prayer requests is being brought forth. We need to choose our words wisely and make sure that we are not digressing into a situation where we are name calling or accusing another of being of the devil.

There are number of factors I could go over, but think it not wise to give to much attention to negative actions and will simply encourage us to focus on the request and laying it before God without accusing another. For in any request our goal must always be a righteous outcome of which only God can know the exact answer that is needed in any situation.

Because this is a serious situation that can lead to other problems for individuals and TheNET our team will need to monitor the Prayer Room more closely and will need to remove remarks that appear to be derogatory.

If you see any comments that appear questionable please inform me immediately. You will stay anonymous and I will make the final judgment on the comment in question.

(NEW) Because this is an open group that is visible to the worldwide web we need to refrain from using names when praying for others without their permission. 

Lord Bless,



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Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick 5 hours ago

Father God I ask that you guide the surgens hand as he operates upon our sister to free her of this horrible affliction called the surgens hand as he or she removes the cancer  and checks to see if theres anymore let that report come back clear....In the name of Jesus we receive by proxie your healing virtue and we direct it to the surgens hands and heart....that this would be successfully removed never to return and this we ask and thank Jesus for . Touch every heart that's hurting and fill the void they have inside...please heal my wife of the mental stress she was subjected to and that her long suffering comes to an abrupt end so that compete restoration can come Lord I'm asking for both Ladies to be freed from these afflictions that my wife with her nerve pain that seems to never let up can and would be free of for your glory Lord !!!!!!!!

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator yesterday

Afternoon Father , I thank you the prayer room has more then most times and I’m 

so thrilled they came to glorify you , I thank , you for the time here contemplating the cross . As we pray that it may be rich and real in our hearts as we live together .

let it do the great working of cutting down and elemanting from our lives over which 

we take pride and which separates us from others . Theses distinction that make us 

dislike our brother and sister , and turn our backs on them . Help us to judge these 

in the light of the cross , and , by its light , to walk befor the Lord . Thank you for 

your work , for the opportunity we have to study it together .we ask you to help,

with the division we see in our congergation or between the churches in our 

communities , Lord , please destroy the barrier to fellowship we pray and let Christ 

alone be glorified , as I lift all these prayers I give thanks for all things , I bless all 

members and their families that are struggling for what ever reason , for those that 

have left may you be blessed where ever u have gone , Lord , I ask that the cancer 

surgery be successful, bless my doctors , and medical staff , bless my children , those 

that pray for me , I ask for your touch upon every one here , forgive me my sins 

know and unknown , if I hurt any one may they forgive me , I pray this prayer in the Name of the Father , Son , and Holy Spirt amen , amen .❤️

Comment by Gloria yesterday

My prayers are with all the members of this precious prayer group.

Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick yesterday

Amen....Brother Andre.....I stand with that prayer and all prayers offered up today in the name of Jesus and Thank you God  !!!!

Comment by journeyman yesterday

Father God, You are our loving creator. Thank you. You've given us Jesus for our salvation. Thank you. You promised us that you would never leave or forsake us. Thank you. Eternal life is ours. Thank you. The Holy Spirit lives in us! THANK YOU! We lift up ALL of your Sons and Daughters and show them your Peace. May the Holy Spirit guide our minds and hearts as we face the painful struggles this world offers. Our Hope is found in you Abba. We pray that our broken children be healed and brought to you. A parents prayer for their children for salvation and sanctification. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick yesterday

Lord God I come before you with much on my heart and what seems like no relief...I understand that through suffering you are closer to us I also understand that its through suffering your will is made plain and that's where we get strength. Our lot is to suffer whats hard to understand is the timming of it all somethings I hoped would stay put but they didn't....and things I had hoped for a better outcome disappointed me...Its been a rollercoaster but in all of it I see you I see your hand the encouragement you give me is remarkable and mind blowing to say the least....but our same ole problem still exsists and this morning was another test of my patience...I have none to speak of anymore....I'm worn sore and cant figure out why this is happening I don't see what this present course will yield its constant bickering about being negative but that's what I'm getting...we have been taken advantage of over and over....the end has come for him hes gotta go....please see that he has a place far away from here.....remind him of what he once had and give him a taste of your glory one more time pull him back into the fold anyole way you deem right....Hes now in your hands...we cant do anything with him...the stubbornness is agrivating....He needs to be broken and put back together  by your sovereign touch upon his life, shake him, quake him, and pour him out......In Jesus name I are our only true help we need your interviening....such as a Damascus road event break him and have him be led like a blind humble him or whatever you do Lord your the master  Forgive me if I'm sounding sarcastic I'm not just angered......just another day in Sodom.

Forgive me of all my sins known and unknown..Im sure I have sinned been angry for what seems like being trapped with no release in sight....I lift every person who is going through something like this or worse thiings and I'm sure there are a lot worse things than my complaint....forgive me for complaining I'm topped out I cant do anymore....I need your rest Lord and a complete refill of your spirit.......this I ask in Jesus name and thank you Lord I'm thankful for how this day will end because I know you have it all together....I'm only seeing  a very small portion and I'm so very glad that you are my portion and I'm yours forever.

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on Sunday

Lord I come to you and thank you for saving me from the darkness of others 

who have harmed me , I pray that I may be filled with the love of of God . 

Forgive me my sis so known and unknown . Father , you are able to do, 

immeastuble more then all I ask or imagine . According to your power that is 

at work with me . To you goes all the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus 

through out all generations forever , amen ❤️

Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick on Sunday

Lord  we (I) pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the Israeli People that they receive Jehova in the name of Jesus .For it was God's wisdom that we Gentiles share in the richness of His empire (kingdom) those who answered  the call and those who were become new people  of one faith, one God, one Spirit.dwelling in this world to occupy  till  Jesus comes back for us we ask for strength and guidance , forgiveness on all our sins known and unknown. I also ask that you make pathways for us for those who are hard to minister to that more grace gets poured out .Point the way Lord and I shall follow  where you lead me....and that's if I'm inagreement with my wife as you know I hate strife ...or contention they both work on my last nerve and confuse me I thank you richly Father for the strength and endurance you have given me in the past even lately I have more to praise you more than complain about I trust that every time I ask you to do something for any of  those I have brought before you in your time they will receive also if they don't faint .I'm asking that you give healing to those who are crying out for it. I lift all brothers and sisters here and around the world in Jesus name .

Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick on Sunday

Heavenly Father I come to ask that you end the evil that has become the norm in our land....That you mend those who are broken, give strength to our leaders who in their hearts serve you in their positions, who support our president and all he represents....Forgive me of all my sin known and unknown, bless our president with strength and wisdom set your holy fire upon him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ the righteous Our Savior and King. Please touch the lives of sisters Elaine and sister Joye make their lives shine with the gospel truth and pour out an anointing upon Mr Trump and Mike Pence...pour out on our congressmen and women pour out thy spirit upon Congress, and representitives....Thank you for salvation, for healing and for supplying all our needs according to thy riches in Glory. In Jesus name.....I thank you Lord for all you do and have done in my life and the lives of others that surround me.Touch all the addicts and free them from their prisons set them free forever.....separate tha unclean thing from them I ask in Jesus name. Build up families torn apart from this...and make it as it has never been totally restored and set on their feet brand new with a devine mission in mind to serve and to please almighty God In Jesus name I ask....and thank you Lord...that you for all things good and are our God we will not have another nor serve another.....we are all yours Lord to do whatever pleases us along this day and days following in the name of Jesus.

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on Friday

Father , thank you for not leaving us without counsels on issues that are 

hard to figure out , thank you also for teaching us the wisdom of seeing 

what the impact on our selves will be but also the higher broader more 

implication of our actions , help me to motivate by nothing less then 

your honor and other protections , so that I will not disgrace either you 

or them by the example of my life style , I pray this in the name of Jesus 

amen , amen .


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