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This is the place to post your prayer requests and a place to pray for the needs and concerns of other members.

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Greetings Prayer Room Participants,

Something has been brought to my attention that I need to address. It is our desire for this room to be a place to bring prayer requests and to ask for brothers and sisters in Christ to stand with us in our time of need. At the same time we need to be mindful of how we pray. By this, I mean that though we want to pray positively for others we need to be very careful regarding the language we use, especially when the request we are praying for involves another person who is part of the reason the prayer requests is being brought forth. We need to choose our words wisely and make sure that we are not digressing into a situation where we are name calling or accusing another of being of the devil.

There are number of factors I could go over, but think it not wise to give to much attention to negative actions and will simply encourage us to focus on the request and laying it before God without accusing another. For in any request our goal must always be a righteous outcome of which only God can know the exact answer that is needed in any situation.

Because this is a serious situation that can lead to other problems for individuals and TheNET our team will need to monitor the Prayer Room more closely and will need to remove remarks that appear to be derogatory.

If you see any comments that appear questionable please inform me immediately. You will stay anonymous and I will make the final judgment on the comment in question.

(NEW) Because this is an open group that is visible to the worldwide web we need to refrain from using names when praying for others without their permission. 

Lord Bless,



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Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator 6 hours ago
Lord , I'm in agreement with all these prayers being lifted to your throne of

Amen , amen , all glory to you Father .
Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick 6 hours ago

Father I would like to lift Pastor Gem Hedalgo  of the Phillipenes for needs unspoken and provision in carrying out and support of the Gospel in Jesus name, Id also wish to lift Ratnam Ch  who serves widows and elderly women in his village giving them support and the Gospel, food and medical and most needs , and for Rini Lord for the work she does with small children  raising them in your name   I ask the a hedge of protection be placed around those  to keep them from harms way in Jesus name and all their needs be met by thy hand Lord. I ask this all in Jesus name bless your  word Lord and your requests as they go fourth Father  bless your people Israel and Jerusalem the city of the great King.May your peace reign there forever...

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator 6 hours ago
Amen my friend. Amen
Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick 6 hours ago

Heavenly Father I ask you  for an abundance of fresh water for the people of South Carolina they have so much flooding fresh water is getting scarce only you can make impure pure,  and make a way where there seems to be no way....look after our brothers and sisters there in SouthCarolina provide for all their needs and the needs of the communities stricken by the rains I ask this in the matchless name of jesus.... Lord have mercy on those  on the east coast provide for them what they need at this moment clean water, lights, and food  in Jesus name and protect those who are moving supplies give them strength to endure and to overcome in Jesus name and I thank you in advance Lord  Thank you !!

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator 8 hours ago
Amen Holding your family in prayer , blessings
Comment by Tammy 8 hours ago

Though I don't post all the time, I do check in. Just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts & prayers. 

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator 17 hours ago
God is our help in every need ,

God does are hunger ever feed

God walks beside us us guides are way

Every moment of the day ,

We now are wise , we now are true ,

Faithful kind and loving to , all things
We are can do and be with Christ the truth

That is in us , God is our health , we can't be sick

God is our friend unfailing quick , God is our all

We have no fear , with light and love and truth are here .
Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator 17 hours ago
Bless you for your prayer Chip , and all prayers that come

Into this prayer room as I lift all to the throne of grace ,

All honor and glory and praise to you Father , we worship

You and lift your name above all others in the Mighty most

Powerful name of Jesus , amen .
Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator 17 hours ago
The light of God surrounds us

The love of God enfolds us

The power of God protects us

The presence of God watches over us

Where ever we are , where ever we go

God is there with us , Amen .
Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick 18 hours ago

Good morning saints of the most high God !! I stand with all prayers here...Father your touch is always welcome either we need correction or blessing,direction or to hold steadfast...we wait upon thee. In our weakness we cry out, sometimes we lash out, we are but flesh waiting upon perfection when that moment that twinkling of an eye when we shall be changed....but for the moment we praise you for all things good and bad alike..I lift to you you Ken and David Lord you know their hearts and you know how their mother is  and how she is bogged down physically, our bodies get tired,worn out either from hard labor or abusing ourselves by pushing beyond our limits in this life I also lift those in troubled relationships, those who are seeking you, those who are running, and those who need a boost in their faith...I speak to sickness It must longer must we live under lies, we are not sick, we are forgiven, highly favored and loved deeply...I lift our leaders who are in positions of difficulty, I lift those who are imprisoned for the gospel sake,I lift teachers  that are in countries where muslim rule oppresses them, where they are threatened with torture and death and imprisonment for the gospel sake...Lord cover the children ....bless your people Israel ands cover Jerusalem with peace like a river let peace have its perfect work there, I pray for all the Israelis and those living amongst them,I ask that you protect the PM of Israel as he honors you Lord in keeping his people safe from invaders...make the stones fall from their hands Lord those who wish ill of those who visit the western wall....may it go back into Israeli hands as in your has always been Jewish territory from the time of Joshua, David,Soloman....and now secular leadership but Lord these are your apples of your eye...I lift for blessing ......forgive me all my sin known and unknown...I pray that you make straight that paths that we travel that we flourish as a people who seek you and we will keep taking this holy fire to others around the earth I ask that you touch these  children Elaine, Liz,chathy,Joye,Janet,pam,mary, Amanda, Seek, Kim,Jamis,Carmen,Alicia,Adam, heather,Luke,Corbin,Butch,Mark,Dr Mike,Tammy and family,Tim,LT and family, David, chris, Lord haven't heard from chris  in a long time reach down and touch he and his wife meet all their needs, Thank you for your mercy, thank you for your grace thank you for this new day before us in Jesus name...touch every member from first to the last filling them...give pastor Rick and his wife safe passage home from the wedding in Tenn bless them Lord open new doors of blessing may your word flow like a mighty river soaking everyone in its path this I pray in Jesus name...I lift Mary O and her friends and coworkers may that workplace be filled with your presence May this site be filled with your presence, may we all be filled with thy presence I ask this in Jesus name thank you Lord.....touch all  carry those who cant tarry for those who are stuck....we wait on you Lord every moment of everyday. Thank you !!!!!


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