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This is the place to post your prayer requests and a place to pray for the needs and concerns of other members.

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Greetings Prayer Room Participants,

Something has been brought to my attention that I need to address. It is our desire for this room to be a place to bring prayer requests and to ask for brothers and sisters in Christ to stand with us in our time of need. At the same time we need to be mindful of how we pray. By this, I mean that though we want to pray positively for others we need to be very careful regarding the language we use, especially when the request we are praying for involves another person who is part of the reason the prayer requests is being brought forth. We need to choose our words wisely and make sure that we are not digressing into a situation where we are name calling or accusing another of being of the devil.

There are number of factors I could go over, but think it not wise to give to much attention to negative actions and will simply encourage us to focus on the request and laying it before God without accusing another. For in any request our goal must always be a righteous outcome of which only God can know the exact answer that is needed in any situation.

Because this is a serious situation that can lead to other problems for individuals and TheNET our team will need to monitor the Prayer Room more closely and will need to remove remarks that appear to be derogatory.

If you see any comments that appear questionable please inform me immediately. You will stay anonymous and I will make the final judgment on the comment in question.

(NEW) Because this is an open group that is visible to the worldwide web we need to refrain from using names when praying for others without their permission. 

Lord Bless,



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Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on February 9, 2017 at 1:12pm
Father , I thank you that you indeed are powerful and loving that out of
Your glorious riches you strengthen us through your Spiritnin our inner
being . I ask you for the fresh filling of your Spirit , I ask you for your powers
and love to fill us . We thank you as believers and know that Christ dwells
richly with in our hearts through fath . We pray that you would strgenthen
are roots and establish our lives firmly in your love .

When the world shouts hate , help us to love , When the past won't let go ,
help us to let go , help us to love . When the enemy taunts with lies and
surrounds with darkness , help us to love . When relationships feel broken
or were betrayed or reverted , help us to love .By the power of your Spirit
even when it seems impossible may are lives be filled with goodness and
power , today and everyday . I ask for blessings and healing for each of my
family members as you no each ones needs , I pray for the sick to be healed,
for those that are struggling lighten their shoulders, I bless all member and
their needs , for those that left may they continue their spiritual walk ,, for
those sufffering addiction give them courage and strgenth , forgive me my
sins know and unknown , let there be peace on earth Lord as only you can
give us that , thank you for answered prayers and unanswered let thy will be
done in all things , I love you Father , Son. @ Holy Spirit , Amen , Amen .
Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick on February 9, 2017 at 4:44am

I came across this in Facebook, and thought it belongs in here: Lindsay Chapman-Carroll to Mandisa

My daughter has overcome two bone marrow transplants. She has spent the last 322 days away from her family and mostly in the hospital due to complications. How...ever, she has the joy of the Lord and a love for music. Overcomer is one of her all time favs! Someone suggested I share it with you personally! She is such a light to all she meets....I hope she brings a smile to your face, too!. God knows this little girls name and all the info needed Lets lift this little girl up to the throne of grace in Jesus name for healing.

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on February 7, 2017 at 8:32pm
Thank you love ya sis , hugs
Comment by Gloria on February 7, 2017 at 8:08pm

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on February 7, 2017 at 7:56pm
Amen , Amen , I had these two pictures put in here if there is a problem

just let me know and they will be removed but this God prayer room just

and I thought with all the protesting Our God is above all .
Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on February 6, 2017 at 10:12am
Thank you Father for another beautiful day and for waking me and my loved
ones . I come before your presence with thanksgiving and rejoice that you are
with us on earth , even though we have many struggles and temptations and
even though problemsvcrowd in upon us . We know that we are in your hands
And that everything must go according to you your will . Hold us all securely
in your hand , for we know you are in control and lead everything to a good end .
The darker and more difficult your hand will real the victory in those who lives
are founded in eternity who lives cannot end in sorrow but will end with your
Glory , thank you Jesus for all things amen .
Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick on February 4, 2017 at 6:41am

Father I lift this site the people and all who play a part in its daily operation, for insight, and for favour. Give us what we need for today, keeping that bounce in our step and that right word spoken to lift up those who sit in darkness.Allow our light to shine upon them bringing them in.May the Lord watchover Donald Trump as he begins another day in the role of presidential leader, nations commander and watcher of our souls. Keep his steps sure, and his heart filled with your love and direction,coupled with godly wisdom to guide this nation forward into the promises of God...touch everyone in authority move on congress to grow up and take responcibility, and earn their pay. May you be in our forefront Lord guiding us and watching over us as we move about in our daily over this site and bless the hand of LT and his crew and their families.....I ask this in Jesus name thank you lord.

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on January 31, 2017 at 9:16am
Good morning Father how priceless is your unfailing love ! Both high and low
among men , find refuge in the shadow of your wings . We feast on the abundance
of your house , you give us drink from your river of delight . For with you is the
fountain of life , in your light we see light , Continue your love to those know you ,
Your righteousness to the upright heart . Thank you Father for your love and
faithfulness that endures all things ,,,, I thank you for the victories You bring .
Protect us from evil and do not let us stray from you and your thruths . Thank
You for the gift of salvation through Christ . We desire to love deeply , love mercy ,
and walk humbly befor you . Father , we will forgive others as you have forgiven
us . Many our the plans in a man's heart , but it is the Lord purpose that prevails .
We will commit , submit and delight in you . Your daughters will seek godly through the counsel of your world . What a man desires is unfailing love , better
to be poor then a liar . Give us the hearts of love as your word commands . The
fear of the Lord leads to life .Thank you for your faithfulness , your word teaches
us that if a righteous man may fall seven times you will lift us up . We will be
faithful to be faithful , to be delight in the things you call us to ..Father we will
Work unto you not for man . I thank you for provision and abundance . I thank
You for the beauty of your word . I thank you for the answers to my prayers . In
Jesus name I pray amen .
Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick on January 30, 2017 at 11:53am

Father God look upon us in our weaknesses and in our times of  distress and misunderstanding, times of health issues that we have no control over or complex family issues that never seem to get resolved I ask that you make those things that pose themselves against us as learning tools to make us better prepared in your service. Lord I lift all the hurting and sick to you, those sick in body or in mind, families in turmoil, individuals thinking about killing themselves, the divorcing couple that is doing all they can do to hold on. I ask also that you fill our pastors and evangelists with a renewed vigor....give our pastors and clergy strength to fight against the whiles of the devil and fill them with your truth and strength, make them bold as lions I ask in Jesus name Amen and thank you Lord....I lift sisters Elaine and Joye to you for all their needs they are faithful sisters and in need of comfort and strength...and to be set free from what holds them down I ask this in Jesus name  thank you in advance Lord !!!!

Comment by Elaine Tencza PrayerRmModerator on January 27, 2017 at 1:38pm
Bless you Gloria , hugs

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