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For that past 13 years I've been working as a Janitor for a School.  It is a clean place to work. (In comparison to a factory one can argue it's better.)  But is it really better?  In my personal experience, it hasn't been good for my mental or physical health.  Working by myself at a place where I'm not allowed to express my true feelings takes it's toil mentally.  Moving around for over 10,000 steps a day is a toss up.  A toss up because yes it is good for your body to move.  But there is a difference between quality and hindering movements.  All my moving around has been causing me pain.  I have the start of arthritis in both of my feet because of all the years of walking non stop on thinly covered concrete floors.  I feel that my job is causing me to mentally sin because of the liberties they give the teachers allows them to do things that make my job harder and that translates to anger which in turn makes me think of four letter words I that I'm constantly trying not to say.  I keep telling myself "this is wrong you shouldn't be saying or feeling like this.  You should love your enemies.  God Please help me, please forgive me, and Why am I being so selfish this is wrong too!"  After that I get depressed.  I tried combating this by listening to the Bible, Various Christian books, and prayer.  Not saying that doesn't help some....  I learned a lot more than I did.  But I never get over it. 

I should look forward to Saturday and Sunday.  But my job even takes those two days away from me.  Because I'm always too tired to do much.  My feet are tired, my legs are tired, my back is tired, and my head won't think straight most of the time. 

The other day while doing some research on a Christian Singer.   I stumbled across Pastor Bob Beeman on Youtube.   Now I've been listening to some of His vlogs for weeks.  I don't think any Pastor has got everything a 100 percent right.  Because non of us Humans have things a 100 percent right.  But I found His vlogs to be insightful.  In this Vlog He talks about why, in his opinion, we need to be working a job that we are passionate about.  Is He right?  Well I don't know if He's got all of this a 100 percent.  I think we got to be where God puts us.  My Parents feels that God put me where I'm at.  It's true that it pays the bills but I'm never happy.  And the Economy is bad.  Plus I don't have a lot of skills.  For that reason I'm asking for prayer.  Anyways here is Pastor Bob.  You might enjoy some of His little talks

If it doesn't play directly you can try the direct link.

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What would be your most favorite employment?

Sorry, but this guy was so focused on how his sandwich was executed, it gave me cause for concern.  He's not being humble when talking about sandwiches, then moving on to doing something in which you love....he's more concerned with getting his order straight  Sorry, but humility lands on both sides....the side of the one serving and the side of the one receiving.  

If he's a motivational speaker...then he would tell you to be the best you can be wherever you are at in life.  

Gregory, Please be careful what you read and watch. 

Be humble in all that you do, not for praise, recognition, medals, but do it for the Lord.'d rather spread the Gospel????  Maybe none of it is what "you" want, but what God wants from you.  

This is my thinking Gregory and I'm very sorry if it isn't within a path that you've seen for yourself.  I am consistently thinking that anything we do, be, or are, is given to us by our Master Creator.  It will always be for His Glory. Maybe getting yourself out of the equation will help.  

Paul made tents.  But his primary concern was spreading the gospel and bringing salvation to the nations.

What is your primary concern?  I'm asking, because sometimes it's good to find out what the real drive, perspective,  and emphasis is upon.  

I had to laugh when you said about being a did I, but I'm completely tone deaf and everyone always does this funny face when I try to sing.  It's okay tho, because I'm not singing for them anyhow.

Lot's of people are out of work these days...many....It's important that you be thankful for what you have.  I love you Gregory, please know that you are very blessed more than soooo many.  I think of Joseph, being sold as a you believe that he had career potential?  But instead he spent a very large part of his young life living in a prison, but yet, he was always faithful to the Lord.  

Just live your life devoted to the Lord and you will find a satisfaction beyond comprehension.  

Love you very much Gregory

I am praying for you to be happy and leaving it in the Hands of the Lord.

Also like to say that I really enjoyed watching and listening to Pastor Bob Beeman.

GOD BLESS YOU with rainbows of happiness, joy, peace.   APAGE'

Okay Gregory.  Those people , are me, cautioning about what you watch.  People always seem to be something brother. loving and common sense don't equal Godly wisdom and holiness always?  Humility?  

You said, "It's"' a common problem I see wiwth people's philophies.  What sounds good isn't always perfectly right.  But that's ok.  I was just using the Video as an example anyways.  

Yes, you stand correct on peoples philosphies.  

What sounds good isn't always perfectly, it's not okay, because perfectly WRONG is a terrible price to pay.

I was just using the Video as an example never once disclosed that until now.    An example of what, my friend????  An example of why you should be searching for another job, or why that person making his sandwich should be looking for another job?  

Praying dear friend , but I am in agreement with watchman , do not believe everything you

read or watch , I'm sorry this guy gets no praise from me m but Go will .

Gregory, I'll be praying for you brother. I'm guessing you knew that already but just wanted to remind you. :)

Gregory, again I'll pray, but not that you find a new job. But I'm asking God that He helps you find joy in whatever you do.

There are things I would love doing I'm not qualified for. But if I focus on that, or what may be wrong with the job I'm in, going to work will be drudgery. And that alone will cause pains.

I'd suggest a good back support belt and orthopedic shoes. Then make a list of what is GOOD about your job. There's always something we can find good. Is it close to home, good pay, good insurance, do you have seniority. You gotta look for the good, no matter how insignificant.

The other thing is put on the list what God can be teaching you in this. How to stop getting angry, how to find joy in anything?

No matter where you go, if you face these angry thoughts, you will keep facing situations that make you angry. That's how we overcome. By facing the areas we need to grow in. It's like the old saying, if you pray for patience, you'll get tribulation. When you go through enough tribulations, you get used to it to the point they stop bothering you eventually.

I know what that's like.  There've been days I have sat at my computer with my wrist splint, wearing my back support belt and my foot lying on an ice pack.  We do what we gotta do. 

Your not stupid GREGORY , you just do not give yourself enough credit , your a good person

See yourself that way because that is how we all see you , no one is ever stupid , there are people

In this world that wish they had your job , and your job is important you serve a awesome God .

Ahhh, Elaine just gave you the first good thing about your job to put on your list...

You have one.  ;-)  In this day and age, that's something to really be thankful of as many are out of work and would love a job.  And no one is stupid.  We can all make some stupid decisions, but you chose to follow Christ...that makes you much wiser than the largest majority of the population. 

You misunderstood what he was saying. He said sometimes when he reads other people's replies, he gets the feeling that PEOPLE THINK he is stupid. 


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