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My cousins Son tried to kill himself late last night. He shot himself in the head. Doctors are trying one last thing before taking him off life support . Surgery cannot repair the damage. Only God can keep him alive at this point He's in his early 20s with too much ahead to be cut so short.

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Pray for the family . Bradley passed away.

I am so very sorry to hear of this sadness. I am praying for his family now. May God show them comfort in their great loss. 

Thanks JM. He sent his mom a text beforehand but he was at his dad's that night. By the time she saw the text the damage was done . He's had a history of depression and mental illness.
I am asking at a load of words for such a grief. My son got killed at a young age. No emotions compare to having to bury your child.
My heart and my prayers for strength and for you to find healing.
I am at a loss for words

Nothing is adequate for a time like this.
I had a nephew that was under so much stress. The family just did not know how bad it was. We lost him at a young age. I pray for this child and the whole family. In Jesus name. Amen

May the God of all understanding guide those who are in a suffering state pain or Anguish that they my known the grace of God and supplication by you're wounds you he who bore youre pain through is mercy renown that you may find healing and strength my is face shine upon you and realise youre burden or distress is cup ruining over amen


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