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Dear brothers and sisters during my walk I have seen have seen blind ambition,and spiritually motivated try to work together and cant seem to sync...wonder why?.

They work against eachother in a constant tug of war for  control blind ambition is fleshly, and Holy Spirit led is spirit.

The Holy Spirit is gentle, but can be violent.....Just ask Annanias and his wife the book of Acts...2nd thess 4:17 another violent act (caught up) Ilisha was caught up in a firey charriot,the parting of the Red Sea was violent,the earth moving under the Israelites feet while they danced before the golden calf Arron made. We have a awesome responcibility to the rest of the body of believers and to the workers in the field sew sew sew sew while there is fresh fallow ground not poluted by the world.The double edge sword I began to talk about is one we all pack. Our self righteous toungues, our legalistic fist pounding and finger pointing marking people.God's gonna change all that and real soon Joel 2:28   this dispensation will be awesome....we carry this sword that we now dont have the right to swing.Most of the time it was a brother or sister who somehow fell away and cant find thier way back.Our toungue would cut them because we thought  they were weak, and we ourselves were as bad if not worst than the least of these.So watch how you swing it, its sharp on both sides...and with swinging it comes the consequences. The power of the toungue, an unrulyfountain.....who can tame it?The same who has thier tonguge tamed has thier body in subjection...brothers and sisters dont recover quickly from toungue lashings with a un restrained toungue..any type of emotion can manafest to the negative its just not healthy... so James goes on to saythe toungue is a double edged sword it will cut you both ways   Father God I just want ask in Jesus name Lord that your mercy and grace extend to our nieghbors who we have  differences with  or coworkers troubled by the world they are living in...Father Give them your peace.....not like the world gives but that peace in you Lord in Jesus name amen


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Amen Brother Chip,


"Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord;" (Hebrews 12:14, N.A.S.B.).

Father God,  help us to remember to monitor our thoughts before allowing our tongues to make them audible.We pray that our tongues will be instruments to your honor and glory.

Through Jesus Christ, Your Son........Amen.


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